Follansbee® TCS II® Surpasses 26,750 Hours of Salt Spray Testing

Follansbee Metal Roofing Provides Highest Level of Corrosion Resistance Available.

Follansbee, WV, January 15, 2009 --( Follansbee® TCS II® has exceeded an amazing 26,750 hours of salt spray testing.

“The superior corrosion resistance of a Follansbee roof, even in the harshest coastal environments, creates what is truly a lifetime roofing option,” explains Edward Thomas, Follansbee vice president and general manager.

The unpainted TCS II panels were corrosion tested in a salt spray cabinet per ASTM B 117 and also in a condensation chamber per ASTM D 4585.

“We have continued testing TCS II and after 26,750 hours there were still no signs of red rust,” continues Thomas. “Testing is normally stopped after 2,000 hours on most competitors’ products. Clearly, this is an extraordinary achievement, providing solid proof that a Follansbee roof is arguably as permanent a roofing solution for coastal structures available today.”

In addition to the high performance in corrosion resistance, TCS II also showed no uplift blistering or loss of adhesion after 26,750 hours of salt spray testing.

“Our patented ZT® (zinc/tin) alloy is the key to the durability and longevity of our roofs,” Thomas continues. “We’ve employed years of independent testing to develop an alloy that could protect our roofs in any environment. Follansbee roofs are trusted for some of the most treasured and historic buildings in this country.”

Well-known restoration projects that feature Follansbee roofs include the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Thomas Jefferson’s mansion, Monticello, Fort Steuben and the historic Gettysburg Railroad Station.

Matco Associates, Inc. of Pittsburgh conducted the testing. Matco is one of the leading independent consulting, engineering and testing firms specializing in the fields of failure analysis, corrosion, metallurgical engineering, cathodic protection systems, materials selection and coatings.

Dr. Mehrooz Zamanzadeh, FASM, FNACE, the principal scientist at Matco who developed TCS II as a replacement for the lead coating used on roofing panels, stated that TCS II has “far exceeded” his original expectations.

“The TCS panels performed remarkably well given the amount of time involved and the harsh exposure conditions,” explains Dr. Zamanzadeh. “This attractive and protective patina provides many years of service in harsh environments.”

Follansbee TCS II is an architectural stainless steel coated with Follansbee's patented ZT alloy. The ZT alloy coating on TCS II is reactive to oxygen in the atmosphere, forming an attractive gray surface patina. TCS II provides enhanced corrosion resistance, formability, solderability and durability.

Follansbee metal roofing products offer a variety of benefits in addition to corrosion resistance, including reduced lifecycle costs, minimal maintenance requirements, modern aesthetic appeal and energy saving benefits.

Follansbee offers a wide range of metal roofing products for commercial and residential construction including Terne II®, KlassicKolors®, TCS II® and TCS Satin™. Founded in the early 1800s, the Follansbee, WV, company has been manufacturing in its current location for more than 100 years. Modern alloys developed and patented by Follansbee have taken the original tin roof to new heights of performance and longevity. For more information call 1-800-624-6906.

Lauren Ban