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Jerry Bader of MRPwebmedia, a Canadian website design firm that specializes in Web video and audio announced the re-launch of it's resource that illustrates the concept of HMO, 'Human Motivational Optimization,' a series of presentation techniques aimed at delivering a focused, memorable brand message that motivates website visitors to action by getting them to respond to Web-experiences, rather than relying on large volumes of random search traffic.

Toronto, Canada, January 16, 2009 --( Jerry Bader, Senior Partner at MRPwebmedia, a Thornhill, ON website design firm that specializes in video and audio website production, with clients throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain, announced the re-launch of their resource for businesses interested in learning how to bring the innovative MRPwebmedia Web-marketing concept of 'Human Motivational Optimization' to their website presentations.

Jerry Bader explained, "Most websites are instantly forgettable. Web-visitors sit in front of their computers with their hand on the mouse clicking away almost randomly until something stops them dead in their tracks. Our job as marketers is stop people when they arrive on our clients' websites at least long enough to for them to absorb the focused, marketing message being delivered."

Simon Bader, Director of Sound Design, continues, "Human Motivational Optimization" is a series of video and audio multimedia performance and presentation techniques that treat website visitors like people, not numbers, like an audience, not traffic."

Josh Bader, Director of Visual Design, goes on to say, "What we do is turn advertising into content, and content into an experience. That's how we stop people from clicking that damn mouse. That's how we get people to remember our clients. And that's how we motivate qualified customers to action." is an example of what the MRPwebmedia team calls "The Plan," a four step website presentation approach that creates a memorable brand image that turns advertising into content, and content into an experience.

Those interested in SonicPersonality© can visit, call Jerry Bader at (905) 764-1246, or email at An article entitled "The Plan - 4 Steps To A Website Brand" is also available from the company.

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