Valentine's Day and Easter Gift Idea

A modest, but attractive new gift book offers a non-traditional but touching alternative for this Valentine's Day and Easter expressions of affection.

Fort Worth, TX, January 17, 2009 --( "Divine Dialogue: 50 Familiar Phrases From The Bible & The Stories Behind Them" is a modest but attractive new gift book with a presentation page. It has been well-received by readers and represents a new, personal way of gifting on Valentine's Day and Easter.

"What impresses--and touches--me," says author Howard F. Clarke, "are the comments I receive from readers who have not only enjoyed the book, but share it with their family particular, with their siblings and kids. What folks seem to like are not just more scriptures thrown at them, but a tie-in between our lives and the real stories behind terms of endearment we use. Terms like 'My Cup Runneth Over' as well as more ominous sayings, these days, like 'Wars And Rumors Of Wars.'

According to the author, Easter and Valentine's Day are romantic and fun times that have both Chrisitian and pagan roots. Likewise, "Divine Dialogue" gives readers a look at common phrases in every day speech and popular literature--phrases that originated in the King James version of the Bible--and the modern meanings of these phrases. Then, the dramatic stories behind the actual phrases are presented--some with surprising revelations.

But, to keep it simple, "Divine Dialogue" is both an expression of your love for someone and an educational tool.

"I'd love for you to read it," Mr. Clarke says, "then present to someone you care about. Go ahead, certainly, and include the flowers, candy, and other gifts that are more traditional, but less substantive."

For a touching book trailer with a haunting classical soundtrack, go to There, you'll also find a link to the page for a "Search Inside This Book" feature.

Howard F. Clarke
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