GamingOS Goes Social

CTXM has extended the features of GamingOS, a modular online gaming platform to be compatible with most popular social network services (Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and GamingOS is highly customizable and supports multiplayer matches, casual, casino and skill games, social activities such as profiles, friend lists and in-browser chat.

Riga, Latvia, January 18, 2009 --( CTXM, one of the leaders of iGaming industry, is pleased to announce it has has extended GamingOS to be compatible with most popular social network service web-sites. GamingOS is a modular, customizable, online gaming platform, whose functionality is demonstrated in the YouZang application.

GamingOS blends features of cutting-edge console gaming networks with the platform ubiquity of Adobe® Flash®. It enables multiplayer matches, co-operative functionality and single player games within the same platform. The platform supports special awards within the games that can be unlocked as player advances. Awards are tightly integrated with the social application features and high scores appear on leaderboards for individual games. Everything is presented in the unique web 2.0 “Operating System” based on Flash® technology.

GamingOS attracts a large amount of traffic with its variety of games, thus opening new marketing possibilities and affiliate programs within the gambling segment/industry/market.

Main features of GamingOS include:

The Game Browser lists all games available to the player for single player or multiplayer play. It also provides information on downloadable versions of games when available. The appearance of Game Browser can be easily customized (window size, multi-resolution, color scheme, layout, modules, languages). The Game Browser provides a multi-session gaming interface that allows playing several turn-based card or board games simultaneously.

Leaderboards, Awards and Tournaments – all these features ensure that players enjoy the games they play time and time again. They improve the “stickiness” of the GamingOS-powered site and help build a loyal customers base.

GamingOS is open to integration of 3rd-party games in addition to CTXM casual and casino games. “When we started GamingOS, we aimed for flexibility and functionality”, says Maxim Terehovich - VP of Business Development at CTXM, “and now by adding support of most popular social networks to GamingOS, we’re getting one step closer to our goal”.

Now GamingOS can be added to all major social network web-sites, retaining its core functionality with the added benefit of the social network service features. Users can challenge their friends; participate in tournaments and strive to reach the top of the global leaderboards. GamingOS supports invitations, status notifications, avatar integration, chat, emoticons and challenges.

GamingOS management system allows operators to easily create and manage recurring tournaments, marketing campaigns, reporting and other features.

The platform allows the following features for registered players: access to profile, changing avatars, monitoring leaderboard and award standings. Players can chat, add other players to their buddy lists and challenge people in multiplayer matches. The client-server protocol features both high-performance RTMP protocol (socket-based connectivity) and an HTTP fallback solution for players behind proxies or firewalls.

GamingOS provides a multitude of advertising possibilities via in-game advertising such as pre-rolls (e.g. video), interstitials between play sessions and integration with Flash ad networks (like MochiAds) is supported.

About CTXM:
CTXM (, a noticeable figure in many on-line entertainment industries, the company pays especial attention to casual games working with the world leading casual games market players. CTXM participates in the management of the Casual Games Association and is the main driving force in Central and Eastern Europe. In partnership with the leading game development companies CTXM launched the lion-share of the casual game titles on Xbox 1 and stands out as the global leader for XBLA development. Since 2004, CTXM sourced over 500 casual games titles from Central and Eastern Europe and co-published over 85 to date.

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