Mystery of the 6,000 Year Old Science and Art of Astrology Has Been Solved in New Book

Astromasks is the first book of its kind. By introducing the new theory of complementary pairs in astrology for the very first time ever, it probes the fundamental basics of astrology, the true meanings of the zodiac signs, and their connection to human on earth, which has never been done before in the entire history of astrology.

San Francosco, CA, January 19, 2009 --( Author of the new book, “Astromasks” (ISBN: 978-0-615-23386-4), Vijay Rishii Ph.D., announced today that his book reveals the secret code behind the ancient and controversial science of astrology. The author decodes astrology using a new concept of complementary pairs, and gives new meanings to the zodiac signs and their real connection to humans on earth, which has never been done before in the entire history of astrology.

The book supports the theory with physical evidence observed on individuals. Complementary pair theory also adds a new dimension to astrology, thus giving a whole new perspective of astrology, and takes it to an even higher level of being accepted as a true science. The theory also compares astrology with the theory of evolution, and thus speculates on a new meaning to life on earth, which occurs in a sequence of events dictated by the conscious evolution.

Digging even further into the core of astrology, the book discusses the predetermined birth of an individual from the moment of his/her conception in the womb. In the book, the author tries his best to give complete meaning to the age-old science of astrology, which “has been passed on to us incomplete in many ways for over six millennia, and adds to the possible lost features.”
According to the author, “This book is just the beginning of a new era in the human history on this blue planet, with an interest of hastening the sunrise of harmony on earth, the ultimate peace.”

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