Seon Design Inc. Launches the Rogue Mini-DVR – the Ideal VCR Replacement

Coquitlam, Canada, January 22, 2009 --( Seon Design Inc., has launched the ideal mobile surveillance solution for school bus operators seeking a robust, compact and affordable DVR system – the Rogue Mobile Digital Video Recorder. This high-performance mini-unit combines superior image quality with a rugged, tamper proof design built to withstand the rigors of the road.

The Rogue mini-DVR is an outstanding option for schools seeking to replace their current VCR solution.

“The Rogue mini-DVR is as straightforward and easy-to-use as the older VCR systems, and when you factor in its special features and the superior support services behind it, this unit provides unmatched value,” says Ian Radziejewski, President, Seon Design Inc.

Extracting video surveillance footage from the Rogue is effortless. Simply pull out the media cartridge and plug it into your computer with a USB cable. Use the Rogue’s user-friendly software to search by log, playlist.

With its leading-edge customer service and responsive technical support team, Seon Design Inc. is dedicated to assisting school districts make the move to digital.

Because the box is so small, your installation options increase significantly. The Rogue requires very little space, and it retrofits into existing enclosures, including all Seon VCR lockboxes. Switching to the Rogue is effortless – just slide your VCR out and your new DVR in. When replacing Seon VCRs, no new adaptors or connectors are required, and there is no need to replace your cameras.or event. Archive video as an AVI file and individual images as .jpeg or .bmp. Advanced features include high-performance technology such as H.264 video compression, which allows you to store more recorded information in the same amount of storage capacity. With the Rogue, you can use either field-tested, high capacity hard drives or ultra-reliable solid state memory.

Seon Design Inc.
Kara Cunningham