New Study Reveals HAPPYneuron Online Cognitive Training Exercises Improve Brain Performance

New study using scientifically validated program, HAPPYneuron, is evidence of the positive impact of online cognitive training.

Mountain View, CA, January 23, 2009 --( A recent study presented by Dr. Bernard Croisile at the National Academy of Neuropsychology shows further evidence that online cognitive training exercises improve cognitive performance. Dr. Croisile, a Neurologist, Neuropsychologist and co-founder of HAPPYneuron online cognitive cross-training programs, along with a team of scientists, conducted the study among 85 healthy adult participants who trained on forty separate online exercises.

The online exercises used were those of HAPPYneuron Inc., which target all five main cognitive areas of the brain. For each exercise, various cognitive parameters - including response time and accuracy - contributed to scores for each of the five cognitive domains. The study results showed that regardless of age, gender and educational level, the summary scores of the 85 study participants significantly increased across all five major cognitive domains after participation in online cognitive training from HAPPYneuron.

HAPPYneuron, Inc. (, uses scientifically designed and validated online brain fitness solutions created to improve the elasticity of all five main cognitive functions of the brain: memory, attention, language, executive functions and visual/spatial skills.

“Our team of scientists has succeeded with this study in scientifically validating the benefits of online cognitive training in improving cognitive function,” said Dr. Bernard Croisile. “HAPPYneuron was designed to improve the cognitive performance of participants in all five main cognitive areas and that design has been confirmed in this study.”

Performance of the 85 subscribers to the HAPPYneuron Web site was analyzed after 500 completed exercises over 18 weeks. The average age of study participants was 53.5 years, with 36.5 percent of users over the age of 60. On average, users improved between 13.9 percent (Memory) and 20 percent (Language), with an overall improvement of 15.6 percent.

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