Jair Dynast Hip Hop Music Art Investment

Is hip hop music an art investment or is it high-priced artistic music videos and strategic music alliances?

Brooklyn, NY, January 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Introducing Jair Dynast’s versatile, metaphor-rich and unapologetic rhyme style has been a labor of love for record label, eMultimediaGroup (EMG) Inc. EMG has not only invested its monetary resources into breaking this independent, unsigned artist with no major label affiliation but also the label's very soul is invested in Jair's music, his message, his creativity and his innate entertainment value. Nowadays, artists will never get this sort of attention, investment and care from a record label.

With the death of the CD pending and the move to a digital only age, the business model is to exploit any and all income sources an artist can generate but there is little to no investment made in artist-development. Many artists are forced to go it alone, create independent buzz, invest funds and then share everything that is earned. Needless to say, Jair Dynast is not like many artists in so many ways, he is a good artistic investment.

EMG first presented Jair Dynast as a producer with his album, “Curriculum Vitae” receiving support from DJs across North America with the single, “SnakeEyes” peaking at #4 on the top 30 underground hip hop Charts at RapAttacklives and Record Breakers. “SnakeEyes” displayed Jair Dynast’s ability to draw his audience in with his deep narrative baritone. The album as a whole showed not only the hip hop music industry but fans alike how good Jair Dynast is at composing all sorts of beats with his blends of Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and electronic sounds to deliver a diverse, uncategorized sound.

Jair then hit the studio for about 2-months or so in 2006 wrote, composed, produced, recorded and mixed his 18-track debut album, V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. The album was met with widespread critical acclaim producing a Top Ten Album of the Year nod from RapReviews and Beyond Race’s Urban Editor Adam Bernard, the #1 single “Vicious”, the video single “Converse” and #8 in the Top 100 Most Wanted at Radio 1 in Greece for its single, “Promise”.

At eMultimediaGroup, Inc. the company views its relationship with artists as that of a stakeholder experience - it's more like a strategic music alliance. EMG is very concerned with artistic presentation, place a high value on artistic expression and Jair Dynast is a true artist in every sense of the word.

Jair Dynast wanted to share with the world not only his musical talents but his artistic abilities and creative expression on all levels. EMG gave the exemplary rapper-producer all the leverage to be totally involved so he designed the artwork for the album. The producer wanted it to be viewed like a photographic novel. The label agreed as it is felt that Jair’s lyrics always seem to vividly paint a picture that illustrates his life experiences and those of people he has been surrounded by all his life.

To give the music fan even more value for investment, Jair also gave his own synopsis of each song on the album: why it was written and recorded and his feelings at the time. In the coming weeks, EMG will be sharing a new rap song from the album for hip hop taste-makers and music blogs.

eMultimedia Group, Inc.
Nathan Clump
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