Flipped Off Books Releases New Inauguration Special Book by Artists William Waite

Obama Rising, Bush Demising.

Sevierville, TN, January 24, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Obama Rising, Bush Demising is an illustrated political satire (flip-page) book that animates the rise of Barack Obama and the demise of George W. Bush. The animation is created by holding the book in your right hand and thumbing rapidly through the pages with your left hand to view moving pictures as they are flipped off. The book, illustrated by artist William Waite, is a political satire to celebrate the hope that Barack Obama brings to the United States o America and to say goodbye to George W. Bush.

The books, illustrated in full color, are offered for sale www.Flippedoffbooks.com http://www.flippedoffbooks.com for $9.95 plus $2.25 handling and the first 5,000 will be personally signed by William Waite. Signed limited edition posters of the illustrations are also available at the website for $29.95 plus $2.25 handling.

Either the book or the posters make ideal collectables and mementos of this historic time in the ongoing and proud saga of the United States of America and this monumental time in our history.

William Waite plans to do other flipped off books and posters satirizing various politicians, public figures, heroes, and scoundrels. You may join his fan club or make suggestions of who needs to be "flipped off" or "flipped on" at his website at www. Flippedoffbooks.com.

William Waite Press/Flipped Off Books
William Waite