Cybermax Selects CallTower as Sole Provider Of Hosted Voice/Data/Internet Services to Hotels

CallTower has been designated by Cybermax LLC to deliver the hospitality industry’s first and only complete, hosted suite of telephony, Internet and telephony services and applications that is exclusively designed for and delivered to hotels, motels and lodging facilities in North America. CallTower to provide outsourced applications, telephony and Internet services that allows hotels to increase occupancy and generate revenue.

San Francisco, CA, June 24, 2006 --( CallTower, Inc., the leading provider of Always-On, hosted communications and collaboration solutions for businesses, today announced the company is designated by Cybermax LLC to deliver the hospitality industry’s first and only complete, hosted suite of telephony, Internet and telephony services and applications that is exclusively designed for and delivered to hotels, motels and lodging facilities in North America. 

Cybermax provides turnkey build out and equipping of major hotels, casinos and hospitality projects in partnership with multiple specialized vendors such as CallTower. As part of the partnership, CallTower will deliver turnkey communications solutions to hotels, with features that increase guest-oriented services and satisfaction. 

The CallTower-Cybermax partnership allows hotels and hospitality groups to have enterprise-class telephony, Internet and data services, with reduced operating costs and limited capital expense. The differentiated CallTower experience delivers advanced business communications to hotels, guests and management that will result in increased revenue and occupancy.

CallTower provides hoteliers with an advanced set of hosted voice, data and application capabilities that eliminates the ongoing maintenance and service costs of managing on-premise telephony, Internet service, and guest services systems. Hotel and hospitality groups can now seamlessly add hosted, in-room voice, data and Internet services and marketing offers, without having to purchase and manage an on-premise PBX.

The CallTower solution includes Cisco® color touch-screen phones that allow hotels to add video marketing offers for hotel services, advertise last-minute openings at hotel amenities, and deliver paid commercial messages from local and national advertisers. With the CallTower solution, hotel reception can check in affiliated groups so that the group’s room phones are associated, and the group leader can call or message the entire group with one button.

Hospitality Market Seeks Differentiator – That Adds Revenue and Improves Service
Today, hotel systems and their related devices are typically disjointed islands, each requiring different interfaces, infrastructure and training. Most hotels are experiencing challenges in how they efficiently manage the growing IT infrastructure demands of email, voicemail, fax and other customer support services, as well as the capital expense to deliver these new technology solutions.

In the past, phone systems were a reliable revenue generator for hotels. With the advent of cell phones and handheld wireless devices, hotel PBX systems became an expense. Now, however, a hotel’s phone system is a powerful differentiator that will attract clients and produce revenue in ways that traditional phone systems simply cannot.

The CallTower-Cybermax partnership is vital to the hospitality industry because it lowers costs, provides superior guest services, and transforms hotel telephony into a powerful amenity that increases guest loyalty and hotel revenue.

Guest Service Improvement and Revenue Opportunities
Guests will find the CallTower-enabled hotel and its services easier and more convenient to use. From their room phone, guests can set or change wake-up calls or do-not-disturb requests. Guests can also view information on dining options or local attractions, and then directly dial the attraction with one button. Using the simple Cisco color touch screen phone interface, guests can self-schedule hotel services, such as a tee time or a spa appointment, with no waiting.

The innovative CallTower color display handset gives hotels an opportunity to market highly visible advertising space and messages for hotel services and/or local and national advertisers. When a hotel has a cancellation at the spa or the golf course, the owner/manager can quickly and easily promote the open time slot to targeted guests.

One-Wire Ease and Flexibility
The CallTower Hospitality Suite of voice/data services is built into a hotel’s infrastructure, and provides one-wire, fixed-price delivery of all voice/data applications and services to travelers. CallTower’s services are delivered via a single coax wire to each room, so hotels do not have to have multiple cables or service providers laying cable in their buildings for separate telephone and data services.

CallTower’s Hospitality Suite, is built on Cisco’s ® CallManager technology, and allows hotel owners/managers to connect, with one common infrastructure, phones, high speed Internet, energy management, the room mini-bar, operations, reservations, marketing and services. Guest room phones can display local and home weather, stock quotes, local dining options, a local directory, currency rates, airport schedules, daily room service menus, and the ability to view the list of members of a group at the hotel, then directly dial them.

The new CallTower Hospitality Suite includes: Internet, telephony, voice, email and fax messaging, calling plans, network administration, single-wire connectivity, call center functions, Microsoft Exchange integration, presence management, disaster-proof access to all data and voicemail, 24/7 customer support and full integration to the hotel’s property management system. These new CallTower services allow hotels to realize:
- Conversion of the telephone from a cost center to a profit center
- Improved customer satisfaction and guest services
- No maintenance
- Reduced capital expense – fixed monthly fee
- Lower number of vendors, accounting time and effort
- Increased occupancy
- Disaster Recovery in Voice & Data
- Completely converged network infrastructure which can actually save money
- Single cable plant
- Obsolescence-proof hardware and services
- New services for guests and the staff's ability to recognize guests
- A strategic competitive advantage for the hotel

“We selected CallTower as the hosted telephony and data vendor for hotels, casinos, timeshares and hospitality properties that engage Cybermax for our services, consulting and to help them manage their property for optimum performance because CallTower’s reliability, specific hospitality solutions and in-room applications are exactly what hoteliers need today to attract more travelers and increase occupancy and return rates,” said Randall James, Executive Vice President of Cybermax, LLC. “We know that Cybermax will be measured by the success of our clients, which is why we take a well-planned, dedicated-team approach to provide quality, value and reliability that these property owners increase their revenues beyond the rack rate. This is why it’s so important to have market-leading, quality-driven partners such as CallTower.”

“The advances of technology are finally delivering true revenue and guest satisfaction-oriented features to the hospitality industry. As guests demand increased services and targeted marketing that can help them make better, more informed decisions, hotels can easily respond by delivering custom content and specific marketing programs that will increase both the customer satisfaction and their revenue,” said Mark Harris, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CallTower. ”Many hotel executives are now learning that they can combine their voice and data and leverage advanced applications and services to maximize revenue potential. With CallTower, hotels can increase their level of service and turn their telephony into a profit center that provides a real-world experience for the business and leisure traveler.”

Pricing and Availability
The new CallTower Hospitality Suite is available now from the Cybermax Group or directly from CallTower. Hotel owners and managers who purchase CallTower’s secure, hosted, communications and collaborations solutions can be up and running in just 45 days.

About the Cybermax Group
Cybermax, LLC is a leading international agent of hospitality products and services, and provides consulting, applications and uniquely designed programs for the hospitality, casino and timeshare industry. Cybermax delivers custom services and consulting that are related to all aspects of a client property's needs that help these groups manage their property for optimum performance. Cybermax also provides hotels with programs that deliver on-going marketing, sales and networking assistance. Cybermax’s programs focus on amenity performance that helps hotel, casino and timeshare property owners increase revenues beyond the rack rate.

Cybermax LLC is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, with offices around North America and the world. Cybermax can be contacted at +1-615-513-4158 or via the company’s Web Site at

About CallTower
CallTower, Inc. is the leading provider of hosted enterprise-class communications and collaboration applications and services for growing businesses nationwide. CallTower’s solutions enable companies to conduct process transformation and to leverage their voice and data communications into a strategic competitive advantage in today’s market.

CallTower’s secure, Always-On voice and data services provide growing companies with enterprise-class reliability, a single point of support, productivity-enhancing features, a comprehensive scalable suite of vertical market applications, and 24/7 service for a fixed monthly fee. By using CallTower’s solutions, growing businesses – companies with multiple offices and from 20-10,000 users – can now receive the same class of communications reliability and service traditionally reserved for Global 100 corporations.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CallTower has operations in Salt Lake City and Oklahoma City, and sales offices throughout the United States. More information on CallTower can be found on the Internet at


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