Jewelry That Speaks to the Wearer

Judith Goldstone Designs has created a new line of necklaces that reflects people's search for what's really important in life - love and family.

New Hartford, NY, January 28, 2009 --( Judith Goldstone Designs has created a line of Eternity necklaces that adds a deeper meaning to statement jewelry.

“I noticed that the popular circle jewelry is always the same single circle or circle within a circle design and I felt it should have a deeper meaning,” said Judi Goldstone, owner and designer of Judith Goldstone Designs. “The circle represents a powerful force in the universe. It symbolizes the perfection and strength of the individual...unity...eternity.”

With both the world and individuals’ lives in turmoil many people are searching for something better. They want to focus on what’s really important—family, friends and a simpler, more meaningful life.

Reflecting this new direction Judi created jewelry that represents the importance of self and family. She has taken the circle and made it personal by hand-wrapping it with semi-precious birthstones representing the wearer or a loved one.

Judi has created several designs to fit her customer’s varied situations and they are available in either 14K gold fill or sterling silver.

A single circle is one life force. Two side-by-side circles represent the spiritual joining of two people in love. They remain individuals but their joining also creates a stronger, more vibrant, new force.

The natural progression of life is to create and nurture new life. That new life force, created in love, is represented with a smaller circle. The child - an independent life force - is tied to its parents for eternity. Children’s circles can be suspended from a single adult circle or placed between two adult circles.

For those people who have found that “opposites attract”, Judi has combined a circle and a square to declare that true love is controlled by the heart—not the mind.

The Eternity necklaces are offered exclusively on the company’s website, Customers will also find a list of the semi-precious birthstones used and the powers attributed to the stones in ancient times.

Judith Goldstone Designs was founded in 2005 to provide jewelry for her bridal store’s customers. Since selling her store, Judi’s elegant and distinctive handmade creations have been available at retail stores and on her website:

Judith Goldstone Designs
Judi Goldstone
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Family Eternity Necklace

Family Eternity Necklace

The larger circles represent the adults of the family and are hand-wrapped in their birthstones. The smaller circle represents the child and is hand-wrapped in its birthstone.