New Author Releases First Book of Poetry That Evokes a Dark and Suicidal Journey

Blaque Lyric delves into the poetry market with I’m Afraid of the Dark, a Print-on-Demand Book Available at and Create Space.

Phoenix, AZ, January 26, 2009 --( Blaque Lyric has plunged into the world of self-publishing. This new author has compiled his best works and written his first book of poetry; the volume, entitled I’m Afraid of the Dark, is now available at Discouraged by conventional publishing methods, this author published his book in conjunction with CreateSpace, (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of Print-on-Demand books (POD), which is a subsidiary of

I’m Afraid of the Dark is a diverse and dark work of original, free verse and lyrical poetry. The poems articulate on a variety of subject matters, but devote a particular interest to suicidal ideation, depression, loss, and abandonment. With poems such as With the wind my troubles blow, Let the dreams begin, and Just let me die, this book forms the cumulation of years of writing poetry and even more years of pain felt by the author.

Blaque Lyric wrote I’m Afraid of the Dark as an expression of art, and to convey his voice to the world. He came to CreateSpace to be in command of the publishing process and found CreateSpace’s Print-on-Demand tools to be fast, easy and, most important, free.

Independent publishing and printing is the latest thing for up and coming new authors, and on-demand is the wave of the future.

About Author
Blaque Lyric has over 5 years of writing experience, but this is his first foray into publishing his poetry. He has an unpublished novel, as well as two novels currently in progress. Blaque Lyric plans to release a spoken-sung album later in 2009.


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