Former UPS Executives Form 722 Consulting

Atlanta, GA, January 29, 2009 --( 722 Consulting launched operations in Atlanta Georgia. 722 has combined 75 years of UPS experience in cost control and expense reduction across multiple operating disciplines including engineering, fleet management and transportation/logistics. This experience is at the cornerstone of the 722 proposition.

The focus of the practice is to use their experience in best practice methodology with clients that have mobile workforces, and help them improve operational performance, logistics and transportation solutions, compensation structures and incentives, fleet management, and reporting and accountability.

“UPS is the best in the world in managing it’s drivers, and that is not us saying it, but an industry fact. UPS pays the highest wages in the industry, and still achieves the highest net margins in the industry. The only way these two points meet is that UPS is the most efficient company in the industry.” stated Chuck Doherty, Principal.

Another 722 Principal, Juan Sotolongo, continued by saying “To be the most efficient company, you clearly have methods, processes, technology, reporting, accountability and compensation systems in place that are best practices. It is this approach to operational excellence that we believe will help our clients with mobile workforces as well as logistics and transportation inefficiencies to make significant gains in cost and service.”

722 Consulting will focus on operations improvement, logistics and transportation management, fleet management and green logistics. This incorporates operational processes, methods and measurements, compensation and incentives, carbon emissions strategies and enabling technologies.

About 722 Consulting
At 722 Consulting, we investigate current operations to determine areas of opportunity for service and cost improvements. Using tried and tested processes, we deliver world class results. We advise clients on operational improvements, transportation and logistics management, all built from the ground up. Our experience with a proven methodology to gather data, evaluate options and manage operational change makes us unique in our sector.

At 722 Consulting we have specific capabilities in the areas of performance improvement, logistics, transportation management and green logistics. Within those practices some of the areas we can help clients improve upon are; operational planning and measurement, process evaluation and engineering, network design, parts logistics optimization, fleet management, transportation management, and carbon measurement and reduction.

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