From the Bitter to the Sweet: the Biblical Story of Naomi is Brought into New Focus

Chicago, IL, June 26, 2006 --( “Naomi was without hope when she came to the land of her nativity, but everything began to change as the plan unfolded. The children of Israel found life sustaining substance when the bitter waters were made sweet and when desire revived it became a tree of life. We can sit and sour, being lost in the valley, or we can walk toward deliverance. It is true we cannot deliver ourselves, but He has promised to make the way of escape. We all enjoy the story of two frogs who found themselves in a can filled with milk. One just gave up and sank to the bottom. The other, in desperation, kept swimming until he churned butter. This became his lily pad on which he serenely sat out the storm until rescue came.”

“The book of Ruth,” author Irene Armstrong says, “is one of the most profound books in the Bible. It is based on pure love—the agape love, that which is beyond the natural. Most writings characterize our wonderful heroine, Ruth, but Naomi is the mainstay in Call Me Mara. It tells us about the long way down and the equal of the long way up. It shows God’s faithfulness, His compassion, His love. It reveals to us the weaknesses and the strengths of our lives and it shows us how our Creator has his hand in the affairs of men.”

In Call Me Mara, Armstrong brings to life Naomi’s journey and interweaves it with other biblical stories and examples, as well as the author’s personal experiences. It also provides questions that can be used as a class study guide or for readers to contemplate on their own spiritual journey. Call Me Mara examines the importance of right timing, the meaning of commitment, the value of obstacles and hardships, and the importance of gratitude and praise.
Call Me Mara is the latest work from prolific writer Irene Armstrong, who from childhood has been a writer of songs, poetry, and books. She is perhaps best known as a minister, singer, and international radio voice, “who amidst heartache and victory,” she says, “guides others to the path of truth and peace.” Call Me Mara is her seventh published book. “To God be glory,” Irene says. “Great things He hath done!” 

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