FlyCharts – Create Flash Chart on the Fly

Origramy Ltd. has released version 2.10 of FlyCharts - cross-platform chart flash component that gives an outstanding possibility to visualize data. FlyCharts is a XML-driven chart flash component that gives the possibility to create compact flash interactive chart, flash dynamic graph or animated diagram for your website professionally and on the fly.

Riga, Latvia, January 29, 2009 --( Origramy Ltd. has released version 2.10 of FlyCharts. The market release of a second version of FlyCharts chart flash component brings more ways to visualize data, more rich and customizable interface, fast and easy tuning of the component. To increase the functionality and usability such features as zooming and scrolling support, multiple chart types support and some other were added.

The FlyCharts chart flash component is useful for webmasters, web developers and anyone regardless the level of knowledge in Flash, HTML or any scripting language. This interactive flash chart solution can be used by everyone who wants to represent any kind of figures and statistics in the vivid and eye-catching form on the websites.

FlyCharts doesn't need installation, runs without using an Active-X component, reduces load on the server, works with any scripting language and can be used in any browser. The component supports plenty of chart types - column/bar, line/pipe, pie, area, all 3D variations and even has multiple chart types support. The option of missing data support will never let the dataset miss as it's automatically restored as correctly visualized. All these come with really small size of output files (29Kb).

Data and component visual style comes from customizable XML file which gives unlimited possibilities in quick and easy tuning of the chart settings. If the user doesn't want to customize XML file manually, he can use FlyCharts online wizard that lets build charts quickly using user-friendly interface.

External JavaScript interface allows to use all browser development capabilities including Ajax technology and DHTML Grid integration.

Product video presentation and trial version free for non-commercial use are available at the company's website:

Volha Tarasevich