Sentrana Announces Creation of Operational Support Management Group

Washington, DC, October 06, 2008 --( Sentrana Inc., a Washington DC-based leader in solutions for excellence in scientific micromarketing, announced today the establishment of a new Operational Support Management Group as part of its ongoing operational effort to support delivery to its clients of top quality technology solutions for demand management and revenue optimization. Under the direction of Mike Yea, who joined Sentrana today, the OSMG will focus on ensuring the flawless execution of Sentrana’s solutions through dedicated client support, known as “Level 2” support that complements the client’s own internal user support entities.

The establishment of OSMG represents a significant milestone for Sentrana. The group’s director Mike Yea explains the importance: “As we expand our resources we effectively become a one-stop shop to our clients for continuous improvement in operational support dealing with all facets of technology – software, infrastructure and connectivity.” Sentrana COO Rashed Hasan echoes this sentiment: “OSMG complements the inquisitive scientific mindset that is Sentrana’s hallmark with the practicality of stable, day-to-day operational support. This is a major advance in our efforts to establish ourselves as a major product company as well as a market driving scientific consulting company.”

Mike Yea adds that one of the key outcomes of OSMG’s efforts will be the establishment of a knowledge center that is sharable between Sentrana professionals and their clients, containing a detailed record of daily operations that can be used for benchmarking performance metrics and reflecting ongoing improvements. As new product releases and feature additions occur this will help all parties track improvements and resolve inefficiencies. Provision of dedicated operational support from Sentrana should over time strongly improve the client’s cost-benefits proposition in utilizing the technology platform to support its demand management and revenue optimization objectives.

Sentrana, Inc.
Bahia Simons-Lane