Job Seekers Must Learn to Sell Themselves During an Interview

A new book, The Art Of Effective Job Interviewing , explains to job seekers how to get a job in a difficult economy. It teaches job seekers how to interview using consultative sales techniques and how they can influence the hiring decision. They learn to uncover job opportunities, contact the hiring manager, obtain an interview and how to sell themselves during the entire interview process. Visit

Atlanta, GA, January 30, 2009 --( Effective Job Interviewing.

Job Seekers Must Learn to Sell Themselves.

“Marketable skills are not enough to get a job in this difficult job market,” according to Joe L. Coleman, a highly successful professional recruiter for twenty years. The problem of finding and securing a new or better job is a huge dilemma for most job seekers.

A unique book, The Art Of Effective Job Interviewing has been developed by Coleman. It explains to job seekers how to sell themselves to hiring managers and personnel representatives in a difficult economy.

Coleman has applied his knowledge and experience in consultative sales, sales training and recruiting so that job seekers can easily understand how to interview effectively. These concepts, methods and techniques work for managers, professionals, recent college graduates and just just about anyone seeking a white collar job.

A hiring decision is a buying decision. Coleman teaches a job seeker, step by step, "The Consultative Sales Approach to Interviewing" which he developed.
"The interview is not a persuasive sale, but is based on determining and solving the hiring manager's problems and satisfying his or her hiring needs", says Coleman.

Most hiring managers, recruiters and human resource managers agree... a person's ability to get a job is based 75% on their ability to sell themselves and 25% on their qualifications.

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