Yubico’s Open Source Authentication Key Protects Web Recruiter Candidate Database Against Fraud

Autojobs.nl's principal business assets are safely secured ’in-the-cloud‘ with YubiKey and Oblivion.

Stockholm, Sweden, January 31, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Autojobs.nl, a market-leading web-based recruitment service serving the automotive industry, has deployed Yubico’s YubiKey authentication token together with the Oblivion Content Management Server, in order to ensure that only authorised key holders have access to their candidate database.

“Autojobs’ core competency is in providing accurate, up-to-date candidate profiles to the automotive industry. Therefore, we are very pleased to partner with Oblivion’s service and Yubico’s token technology to meet our access challenges,” says Managing Director, Autojobs.nl. “The YubiKey is a very easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to managing access securely. With this solution in place, we can be confident of maintaining and growing our leadership position in the automotive recruitment sector.”

The Product Solution consists of YubiKey authentication tokens, configured to work with the Oblivion Content Management Hosting and Authentication Server.

Autojobs.nl selected a solution which elegantly combines Oblivion’s service with Yubico’s YubiKey token technology. Oblivion extended their database application with the Oblivion Authentication Server, which was integrated quickly and easily with the YubiKey using the web API provided via Yubico’s developer forum. Edwin van Nuil, Head of Development at Oblivion commented, “The simple, open source approach of Yubico and their published API made the integration of the YubiKey a quick and painless exercise. It’s just not possible to do this with other solutions. I would recommend the YubiKey to any service or hosting provider looking for an elegant, easy-to-implement and low-cost authentication solution.”

“With Autojob.nl’s principal business assets safely secured ’in-the-cloud‘ with YubiKey and Oblivion, they are free to focus on their core competency while maintaining and growing their market leadership position in automotive recruitment. I am confident that together with our partners, we will be able to help many more organisations achieve the transition to secure cloud computing,” said Simon Hibbert, Director EMEA Sales at Yubico.

About Yubico
Yubico is the leading online security company specializing in open source USB authentication products. In business since 2007, with over 900 customers in 40 countries, Yubico technology is being rapidly adopted by developers and web 2.0 companies around the world. The team is based in California, Sweden and UK. www.yubico.com

About Oblivion
Oblivion is an internet technology consultancy based in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, providing core services and solutions to solve critical business issues. www.oblivion.nl

Please contact Yubico at sales@yubico.com or Oblivion at info@oblivion.nl for more information on this and other access authentication solutions.

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