Michael Miller Releases "What Happened to the Girl I Married?" - One Man's Journey Into His Wife's Life at Home - Published by Dog Ear Publishing

"What Happened to the Girl I Married?" is released by author Michael Miller. What does she do all day? That was the question Michael Miller and his fraternity brothers at work often asked themselves about their stay-at-home wives. Their ignorance about what seemed like a simpler life at home shielded them from seeing or hearing the realities of it. Embarking on a quest to find the girl he married 'lost in that life' Miller finds out the hard way just how very wrong they had been.

Indianapolis, IN, February 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- In his new book "What Happened to the Girl I Married?", Michael Miller steps out of his corporate job and into his wife's uncomfortable shoes at home. With no staff or administrative assistants to support him, Miller's  ah-ha moments begin on day one and become more profound with each step down the path. Through his journey, Miller offers a new found appreciation for the tireless efforts of stay-at-home Moms and clues as to why women might lose themselves in the job. For the men they married, Miller lets them connect with his evolution through humor, man-isms and motivations for change that are hard to resist.

"What Happened to the Girl I Married?" is an honest and enlightening love story that's funny and thought-provoking throughout. The story's messages help heal old wounds and offer both partners a language to get back on a loving path together - and stay on it.

About the Author

Michael Miller has spent the bulk of his waking hours over the last two decades working his way up in the fast paced high-tech industry. He has held executive sales and marketing positions in several public and private companies. All that experience, however, did not prepare him for what he faced on his journey into his wife's life at home.

Michael and Linda currently live in Carmel, California where their love story first began eighteen years ago, at their 10-year high school reunion. They live there with their two dynamic boys and are blessed to be surrounded by life-long friends.

The author's web site is whathappenedtothegirlimarried.com.


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What Happened to the Girl I Married - the Evolution of a Man
Michael Miller
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN:1-59858-740-4; 140 pages; $13.95 US

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