Forex Expert Warren Forren Launches Blog

Warren Forren noted expert in trading the Forex currency market starts a blog.

Provo, UT, February 02, 2009 --( Warren Forren a noted expert in trading the Forex market has started his own blog.

"Currency trading is a fast growing industry but dangerous and rocky road for the little guy" said Warren Foren. "My goal is to make sure that people have the knowlege and experience needed to reduce risk and increase profits and a blog seemed like the perfect way to do it"

The Forex market was formed in the 1970's and slowly evolved to where it is today. Prevously only banks, institutions, and big players had access to trade currencies. With the advent of personal computers and the internet practically anyone can trade the Forex now.

"Just because everyone can trade doesn't mean everyone makes a profit" stated Forren. "The odds are actually with the big players who have millions of dollars worth of computer software and experts on staff.

Still, many little Forex traders do make a decent living trading the Forex, but they are in the minority. Those that study well and learn to trade correctly can pull money out of the market. "Its not rocket science" said Forren " but you have to know when to hold em, and know when to fold em. The real battle is in the mind of those trading"

The Warren Forren blog uses a WordPress engine to serve up its articles, information and reviews. It can be found at:

Warren Forren
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