Finvest Winds Down U.S. Fund

Zurich, Switzerland, February 03, 2009 --( In line with its policy decision it took over a year ago to exit the United States, Finvest Fund Management has successfully concluded the winding down process of the U.S. segment of the Finvest Yankee fund and returned cash to investors. The decision was made after Finvest had decided to increase its presence in Europe and expand operations in that region. The growing presence of European managers on the continent, and the fact that Europe has always constituted its primary investor base, made the firm's decision to focus on Europe logical and pragmatic. Senior management confirmed that it was committed to terminating all operations in the U.S.

The firm continues to manage several funds which have been capitalized from non-US investors. It has recently embarked on several private equity initiatives, where it sees the development of attractive investment opportunities in light of the current capital constrained environment. As a consequence of these developments, it is in active negotiations with several companies to allocate capital through equity aligned transactions. The squeeze which banks are initiating on companies, has made the possibility of investment via equity welcome and compelling, from the perspective of all parties to the transaction.

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Finvest Asset Management is an alternative asset management firm that aims to provide superior portfolio management and risk management solutions to non-US institutions and high net-worth clients.
Finvest Asset Management
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