iDTRONIC Launches the New Active GPS / GPRS Controller as Part of the Active NOW Product Family

iDTRONIC, a leading supplier for RFID Hardware, introduces the new Active NOW GPS / GPRS Controller for wide range active RFID Applications and solutions.

Rheinland Pfalz, Germany, February 04, 2009 --( iDTRONIC latest invention, the active GPS / GPRS Controller is used in combination with other components of the well-known Active NOW system provided by iDTRONIC.

The GPRS interface integrated in the Controller transmits time, date and GPS position in real time. With its mobility and autonomy, the system improves greatly the operation’s logistics and the traceability.

The mobility of the remote identification is ensured by the compatibility of the GPRS Controller with the whole range of iDTRONIC Active NOW Tags. The Active NOW GPS / GPRS controllers uses also the full functionality of the Temperature Sensor Tag.

This new Active NOW GPS / GPRS controller provides to the system integrator all the flexibility required for a simple installation. The telecom provider is selected by the SIM card of the user. The amount of data transmission over the GPRS channel is defined by the configuration functions of the Controller. It comes with a range of utility software tools for the configuration of the controller.

The innovative Active Now System facilitates dramatic reduction in manufacturing process downtime, in-process waiting time, shipping location errors and shrinkage, while improving item-aggregation and delivery routing time, location correct warehousing and assessment of liabilities

It can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications as:
- Logistics
- Item Management
- Fleet Management
- Geo localization
- Security Solutions
- Real time Location
- Sensor networks
- Anti-Counterfeiting
- Traceability

For more information about the new Active Now RFID Products from iDTRONIC and all other RFID products, email them or visit their website.

About iDTRONIC Electronic Identification
iDTRONIC develops and sells innovative RFID hardware components for the application areas product identification, data collection and access control.

The product portfolio includes ISO Cards, Keyfobs, Tags, RFID Readers, Mobile & Handheld Readers, UHF Long Range Readers. and Active Systems, iDTRONIC offers a wide range of personalization options for their products. iDTRONIC RFID products are available for the frequencies 125kHz and 13,56MHz and UHF.

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