All Ages Concert Production Company, Afton, Has Gone Nationwide

Afton is the connection to the inside of the exclusive music industry.

Portland, OR, February 04, 2009 --( Ethically driven, all-ages concert production company, Afton was founded in 2004 and specializes in creating opportunities for local musical artists. With the reality that most clubs are understaffed and tend to focus their booking resources on larger tours, Afton works to accommodate local musicians. Valuing neighboring artists and their struggle, Afton is eager to seek out new talent in local communities. Existing to help artists achieve their own definition of success, Afton pours endless amounts of time and energy into the musicians they choose to work with. Afton has recently expanded their services nationwide to over 45 U.S cities and among some of the new cities are, Bridgeport CT, Baltimore MD, Modesto CA and Boston MA.

Since established 4 years ago, Afton currently book an average of 10,000 acts per year and has put more than 400,000 artists on stage in front of fans at 70+ different all-age venues. Co-founder Dan Robertson explains, “No matter how good you are, the club you want to play at may not book you, that’s the harsh reality”. Giving artists hope for finding greater satisfaction and fulfillment from their creative work, Afton considers it a privilege to be able to offer their services to thousands of acts nationwide for free.

As the option of all age concerts are otherwise rare, Afton's gigs allow an artist's music to come to life. Afton believes that live performances are where the deepest connection between a fan and artist transpires. Vigorously working to provide musicians with the experience they want and deserve, Afton insists on making a difference in the cutthroat quarters of the music industry. Through both their shows and online resources, Afton has made it their mission to help as many artists as possible.

With confidence, Co- founder Ryan Kintz states, “We believe we’re currently better than anyone at producing local, all-ages events on a nationwide scale.” Having been local artists themselves and endured the scrutiny first hand, Robertson and Kintz believe that independent musicians are an underserved group. Structuring a positive eco system where local artists can thrive is a core value Afton practices. “We do this because we were artists and were forced to provide these solutions for ourselves” explains Kintz.

Not only does Afton seek to help artists perform at legitimate music venues, they provide free online resources to help artists and encourage a proactive mindset. To support local music visit for a complete list of upcoming events.

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