Vis.a.vis Online Fashion Magazine Attracting Members from All Over the World

Vis.A.Vis ( is a new online fashion magazine attracting members from Beijing to New York City. Visitors may register for free unlimited access to gorgeous fashion photography, insightful articles and unique features for members. Advertisers are discovering its unique and innovative format that eschews typical "banners" and "buttons" for large, vibrant images.

Miami, FL, June 28, 2006 --( Newly launched online fashion magazine Vis.A.Vis has already become the premier online destination devoted to fashion, style and culture. In less only two months since launching, Vis.A.Vis has already attracted members from all over the globe, including Beijing, Sydney, Mumbai, Dubai, Beirut, Oslo, London, Paris, Mexico City, Montreal, New York City, Miami and Los Angeles. With members from different locations and cultures, the online magazine proves to have tremendous appeal to a worldwide audience.

According to Ralph Clermont, the site’s cofounder and creative director, the online magazine is dedicated to the most exciting trend in the world today: multiculturalism. “The great cities of the world, from New York to Barcelona, Miami to Milan and Paris to Rio de Janeiro, embrace international trends in fashion and beauty, music and food, arts and entertainment,” he says.

Vis.A.Vis travels to a different city for each issue and explores where fashion and beauty trends originate. The online magazine captures the flavor of a locale and uses models from that setting to give the fashion spreads an authentic feel and a distinctive look. The articles keep readers up-to-speed on the impact of these cultures on the U.S. and vice-versa. Since its launch, Vis.A.Vis has featured Miami, the Italian Riviera, Buenos Aires, New York and Ocho Rios in Jamaica, among others.

“The mass media has caught on to the fact that the mainstream is made up of influences from all over the globe,” Clermont says. “Vis.A.Vis is at the forefront of this trend.”

The online fashion magazine has a modern, stylish edge, but takes a provocative, authoritative tone to its coverage of pop culture. Vis.A.Vis presents strong, beautiful, sophisticated images that reflect the beauty of every culture. It charms and engages the reader with a frank, delightful exchange of information and ideas. The editorial mix is intended to be inclusive of and welcoming to all women. The site allows members and visitors to view photographs and articles under categories such as “Fashion,” “Beauty,” “Travel,” “Cuisine,” “Culture Café” and “Body Language.”

This content is fused with the site’s highly unique advertising format which is proving to be a hit with its advertising partners. Built around the concept of “Anchors” and “Sponsors”, Vis.A.Vis has recreated online, the bold and lush environment normally found in glossy print magazines. The ads are integrated in a large and prominent manner without being intrusive, so they become part of the experience. Vis.A.Vis has devised different programs to allow maximum flexibility for advertisers’ marketing objectives and budgets; where Anchors receive higher exposure for maximum impact, and Sponsors receive more efficient, focused visibility.

Additionally, Vis.A.Vis will soon deploy exciting new interactive features to foster connectivity among members and within the site. Such features include:

* Member Networking – encouraging members to create profile pages, connections, messaging and forums to leverage the built-in community of shared tastes and interests.

* Surveys – enabling members to vote for the Vis.A.Vis cover model of their choice. By showcasing potential “cover models,” the image that garners the most votes will become the main homepage of the site for a certain duration. Other examples include travel destinations to be showcased for future fashion spreads and editorial coverage.

* User-generated Content – allowing members to submit their own user-generated content to be selectively published on the site alongside proprietary Vis.A.Vis content. Such content may include photo spreads, articles, model portfolios, independent music and film clips that all fit within the fashionable, cultural context of Vis.A.Vis.

* Online Store – featuring an eclectic mix of undiscovered gems from the worlds of fashion, art, music, literature and film.

To become a member with free unlimited access, visitors may register by going to and clicking on Register Free. Registration is quick and simple.

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Ralph Clermont