Young Adult Novel, “The Profile,” Perfectly Captures the "Yes You Can!" Zeitgeist of a New American Era

Australian Author Gregory Victor Babic ( has just had published his first young adult novel, “The Profile,” by new US publisher All Things That Matter Press ( and it perfectly captures the "Yes We Can" attitude of new American President Obama's exhortation to US citizens that "Change can happen."

Somerville, ME, February 03, 2009 --( The 176 page novel follows the adventures of sophomore Danielle McCormack, Year 10 student at Middlewood High School, who wants to be a journalist. However, she could not possibly have anticipated, when Dean Lawrence Polking, head of HRL Enterprises, internationally renowned retailing magnate (think Frank Lowy, Australia's richest businessperson), and hated Destroyer of the Middlewood Old Town Mall, attended the Annual Awards Night at her school as the honoured guest speaker and returning "Favorite Son", that her life would be thrown into turmoil. How could she have known that everything she thought she knew about herself and her place in the world would come to mean nothing against truths and realities she could never have anticipated?

Seeking to secure an interview with one of the richest men in the world, who is renowned for never having given a journalist a personal interview at all, Danni is told repeatedly by her mother, her grandmother, her teacher, her 'Uncle Joe" (the father of her best friend, Ricky, from next door, and the boyfriend of her single mother), that, despite her doubts and fears, She Cab Do It. They all know that she has within her the will, the courage, the talent, and the determination to succeed in this, her first public Profile of a major world figure.

How she goes about her task, the tensions and pressures that beset her as she follows through on this self-chosen mission, not only highlight the difficulties faced by student journalists, but the sense of accomplishment that can be achieved when, with the love and support of all those around you, one achieves the impossible - and becomes extraordinary as a result (just like President Obama has done with his unbelievable election win).

What others are saying about “The Profile”?
"The Profile is an excellent read that presents very real issues relevant to today's youth. Written in a style that is both direct and moving, the author whisks the reader through a tale of mystery, awe, and fulfilment. In the spirit of Rand's The Fountainhead, The Profile is rife with intrigue and mesmerizing imagery. This is a piece worth reading and reading again."
Brian L Doe, Author, The Grace Note, Barley & Gold; Co-Author, Waking God Trilogy

"The author has captured the essence of change that occurs to us all in our formative years. He has portrayed Danielle’s transition from a young girl to early womanhood in a delightful way. Young girls will be able to identify with her what they are going though themselves, and I am sure will not put the book down once they have started to read it."
Warren Thurston, Author, Gladiss and the Alien

"Greg has admirably succeeded in what he has attempted with this book.”
Thomas R Gough, Director, The Glenwood Shakespeare Company

The author of “The Profile” has worked in librarianship, policing, marketing, and teaching and had three non-fiction books published previously. This novel was work-shopped with some of his students when he taught at Macarthur Girls High School, Parramatta in Sydney, Australia (and is, indeed, dedicated to "four extraordinary young ladies").

"This book is unlike any other young adult novel I can think of: because of what is not in it, I hope it will really stand out! There are No faeries, vampires, witches, aliens, monsters, paedophiles, drunks, drug-addicts, alcoholics, abusers, criminals, gangs, sickness, or other immoral behaviour! It is wholesome, life-affirming, positive, idealistic, loving, hopeful, inspired, and yet still manages to encompass major contemporary issues from a recognisable reality (like the mass commercialisation of the lives of twenty-first century teens and the issues that retailing raise in working and middle class lives in the West). It is my paean to a gentler time, a sweeter age, a more measured, loving, and fruitful way of looking at life, families, love, and friendship. Corny as that may all sound - it is what I have tried to say in this book."
Gregory Victor Babic, Author, The Profile

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a PDF sample of the cover and text of the novel itself), please contact the Publishers, Philip and Debra Harris, at All Things That Matter Press ( The Profile is now available as a printed trade paperback edition, a Kindle edition, and a Mobipocket edition (see

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