Advance International Puts Some Wind Into Renewable Energy Sales

Advance International Transport is becoming increasingly involved in the shipment of modern wind turbines at a time when the world is waking up to the advantages of environmentally sustainable power generation.

Istanbul, Turkey, February 07, 2009 --( One example is the global project cargo forwarder's current involvement in the movement of windmill power generating equipment, working with BaltShip A/S Denmark and delivering state-of-the-art equipment to a key Turkish wind farm development.

Advance International is working with BaltShip to bring wind power generation equipment to the Turkish ports of Bandirma and Iskenderun from manufacturing facilities around the world. To date, some 30 windmills and components have been loaded in Brindisi, Taranto and Augusta, Italy; Aarhus, Denmark; as well as Phu My, Vietnam. Consignments consisted of foundation sections, tower sections, blades, nacelles or engine housings, hubs and spinners.

Advance International President and CEO Jawad Kamel said: “The world has woken up to the dangers of its dependence on carbon fuels and is looking towards viable alternatives. Wind power has existed for as long as the earth and for centuries shipping took full advantage of the free power available. Now I am pleased to see this power harnessed to the good of the global environment and that we are developing an expertise in the movement of the heavy lift and out-of-gauge consignments that are involved.

“Those consignments are typically heavy, massive in size, fragile, easily damaged and awkward to transport. Handling very large equipment such as this requires a high level of precision and control. Expertise in stowage and securing planning is essential. Advance’s experienced global team of project shipping experts has just the specialised skills to effectively handle cargo challenges of this type.

“Through the co-operation between ourselves and BaltShip on shipping and land operations, as well as arrangements for the installation and erection of windmills at construction sites on a global basis, manufacturers and suppliers can be confident that we can deliver on their green promises and that all of us in the world can enjoy the benefits of non-carbon energy production for years and decades to come.”

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