The Truth Lies in the Dark by Kristin Callender is the Featured Book of the Month and Makes a Sweet Valentine's Gift

Nothing says "Love" like a book that reminds everyone how sweet it is. In The Truth Lies in the Dark by Kristin Callender, there are sweet reminders of love and just enough danger and suspense to get the blood pumping and the heart racing. When was the last time a box of chocolates alone got that reaction?

Hartford, CT, February 08, 2009 --( The Truth Lies in the Dark has been selected as the "Feature Book of the Month" at It has enough romance to satisfy the any sweet tooth and enough suspense to keep the heart racing and guessing until the end. This makes it the perfect gift for Valentine's Day or anytime a heart needs a little extra attention.

Who is Amanda Martineau? On the surface she is the wife of aspiring lawyer, raised by her loving and protective grandparents, and the only survivor of a plane crash that killed her parents and left her with no memory of her life before it. But reoccurring nightmares of a strange girl hint that there is something dark lurking beneath. An unfinished letter written by her grandfather thrusts her deeper into confusion. In it he hints that she is not who she thinks. She sets out to find her true identity, but what she learns could destroy her perfect life.

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