What Cats Really Think of Humans

Cats' quote of the day: Other creatures are stupid. It's only us, cats, who can think.

Wellington, New Zealand, February 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Do you want to know what cats really think of humans? Want to relax and have a good laugh while your kids sing and dance with Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh? You might want to check out the newly released multi-voiced audiobook 'Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh', suitable for all audiences, at www.SofiaGladys.com.

Well, Lilly-Puss thinks that the role of humans is to serve cats, who are the only intelligent beings. However, telepathic Egyptian cat Pharaoh, knows that all creatures can think, even humans. He tries to teach Lily-Puss, but she does not listen and gets everyone in trouble. Will Lilly-Puss learn a lesson? And will she ever accept the truth about cats and humans?

“It was great fun to be a telepathic Egyptian cat, at least for a while”, laughs John Buchanan, the audio-book producer, who also did the voice of Pharaoh. “And I am already working on a sequel”, adds Natasha Blazic, the story's writer. “We are planning to have a series of stories about Lilly-Puss an d Pharaoh, and hopefully produce an animation movie.”

Sofia Gladys Projects is a multimedia production company and has released music albums and singles that have gained significant Internet presence.Currently in production is a new music album 'Gypsy Dream', a single - remake of 'La Vie En Rose' and a multi-voiced audio-book 'Vesna's Beach'.

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John Buchanan
Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh audio-book preview

Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh audio-book preview

This multi-voiced audio-book is a perfect bed-time story for kids, and also fun for the whole family. You'll love telepathic and wise Pharaoh, while mischievous Lilly-Puss will make you laugh. Available at www.SofiaGladys.com