New Idea for a Special Valentine Day and Gift

A live Valentine Serenade.

Oxford, United Kingdom, February 09, 2009 --( This year for a really special Valentine gift, the newest idea is a live Valentine Serenade, with a musician playing live for the two loved ones, or even for a group of friends, for their private entertainment.

This will sure make a lasting impression and it’s so romantic. In addition to going to a nice restaurant, or having a special meal at home, buying flowers or the usual presents, this is something nobody would ever expect, it will surprise and please: a live musician playing great romantic music, the one which can really touch the soul and make feel really cared about and happy.

This is the advice that comes from Monica Cuneo, a respected professional musician, viola player: “Everybody knows the power of music, but very few think of availing themselves of this powerful tool for personal occasions. So many people I played for told me they’ll always remember the music, how it moved them, how happy and grateful they were.”

This is because most people don’t know where to start from. Monica is a powerful, entertaining interview, she’ll tell your audience:

where it’s possible to have a Valentine serenade
which music is the most appropriate
how to organise the surprise Valentine Serenade, which instrument players are most suited
how to find a musician

Monica Cuneo, viola player, with her music has helped many people make their special moments, like weddings and proposals, even more memorable. Monica Cuneo is an original soloist who, besides being a concert performer, loves to take classical music out of the usual, serious and a bit intimidating atmosphere of concert halls. She has played in some very unusual situations and locations.

For more information and tips on the most appropriate music for a great Valentine musical gift, call 07985 025129.

Monica Cuneo
07985 025129