Josh Dinnerman Develops Site for Precision Tools

Creative media publisher Josh Dinnerman has established a media based information source on tools and precision products and manufacturing.

St Louis, MO, July 01, 2006 --( Josh Dinnerman is credited with having establish numerous content areas and medi titles. Mr. Dinnerman's latest project Precision Tool View is inline with his experience in developing niche media content.

Dinnerman said: "I am very pleased to have established a means of communicating information on precision tools. This is a very specialized kind of content and we are excited about the opportunity of using our media based approach to communicating information about precision tools."

Dinnerman plans to utilize the brand to cover a variety of products that touch consumers and business alike. "I have always had a great appreciation for the design and work that goes into creating specialized products. There is also a great need to educate the publc about how products are made. For example watches with complicated movement or engines on aircraft or  machines that construct buildings and bridges all have specialized tools that are needed to support the development and work. Moreover the very creation of such tools and machines are in many cases supported by other tools. Their approach is to explain the development of such in a way that the average person can understand and in a enjoyable manner that benefits the companies involved in such work and consumers interested in learning about such information,"said Dinnerman.

JDDMEDIA ( is a international developer, owner  and operator of niche content, media products such as magazines, speciality publications, online publishing, photos,and copy for multiple subjects. JDDMEDIA tands for JOSHUA DAVID DINNERMAN MEDIA and has used it's niche content and media focus for various other media programs in radio and broadcast.JDDMEDIA's collection of media titles includes it's flagship Japanese language GOLFVIEW magazine which was Joshua Dinnerman's first title.In addition JDDMEDIA publishes several other magazines including MILITARY VIEW it`s exclusive armed forces magazine,SENIOR VIEW a publication focused  on healthcare,financial services and retirement issues.JDDMEDIA also produces MUSIC VIEW,FASHION VIEW,DINING AND WINE VIEW and HOTEL SPA VIEW as well as numerous others.Joshua Dinnerman has developed more then 35 unique content areas.JOSHUA DAVID DINNERMANalso has a photo image operation,content creation  and planning section and produces  various online iniatives. JDDMEDIA also does research,c onsulting, training and has an affiliated public relations and advertising agency.

Joshua Dinnerman