International Publisher Joshua Dinnerman Plans More NBA Coverage

Joshua Dinnerman publishes various magazines and has covered many professional sporting events. His group is currently planning to increase its professional basketball coverage and make NBA content a key part of this. "The NBA is really very special and and provides media very good content. - August 02, 2006

Joshua Dinnerman Interviewed former Toyota USA President

Joshua Dinnerman head of JDDMEDIA sees more toyota coverage. - August 01, 2006

Joshua Dinnerman Interviews Admiral

Military View Publisher Joshua Dinnerman interviewed US Coast Guard Rear Admiral Charles D. Wurster in Hawaii. The interview was about leadership and discussed the Admiral's backround and current role as a operational commander. The interview includes questions like from Military View like: Is... - July 23, 2006

Joshua Dinnerman interviewed US Air Force Lt. General

Joshua Dinnerman Publisher and Miltary View magazine team interviewed Lt General Victor E. Renuart who was Vice Commander, Pacific Air Forces, Hickam Air force Base Hawaii. Since the interview the Lt General was selected for reassignment as Senior Military Assistant to the Secretary of... - July 23, 2006

Joshua Dinnerman Covers Cruis Ship Industry and Other Leisure Information

Joshua Dinnerman, Senior View Publisher, developed cruising section in his magazine for seniors. - July 22, 2006

JDDMedia Announces the Launch of its New Corporate Website, Produced by Joshua Dinnerman

International publisher and media pro Joshua Dinnerman has introduced a bigger and better general site for his media group. The site is now live. The site was developed to provide basic information and Joshua Dinnerman's various media content areas and... - July 11, 2006

Josh Dinnerman Develops Site for Precision Tools

Creative media publisher Josh Dinnerman has established a media based information source on tools and precision products and manufacturing. - July 01, 2006

Josh Dinnerman Publisher Interviewed on Site is a site that is focused on editorial topics and media related copy. The interview provides insight into how a publisher views copy and issues related to what a publisher needs to consider in getting copy. - June 29, 2006

Joshua Dinnerman Golfview Business Progressing

Golfview Magazine published by JDDMedia and operated by Joshua Dinnerman is currently expanding its previously established Golf Travel desk. The service which was was previously introduced in cooperation with Japan Travel Bureau(JTB) features golf packages and exclusive international offers for... - June 14, 2006

Joshua Dinnerman Senior View Brand Growing

Senior View Magazine published by JDDMedia and headed by Joshua Dinnerman is preparing its catalog section for online publication. - June 14, 2006

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