World's 1st E-Book that Will Earn You 100k without Spending 1 More Cent - Unveiled

World's 1st and only E-Book that earns a 100k without spending 1 more cent is unveiled. The only E-book said to lay the foundation and afford individuals to an invitation to join a marketing group that will train individuals through the process without them spending no more money when plan is followed.

Salida, CA, July 01, 2006 --( It's not a money game, or a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, the concepts and methods utilized here are actually unique and truly amazing. In a network, marketing, and sales industry riddled with smoke screens and hype, it is virtually impossible to determine who is real and who's fake. According to business critics, 90% of online/offline business start-ups and maintenance are either to pricey, or may be priced to low so you get what you pay for, and lastly, the unsuspecting victims will probably be the best customers disguised as affiliates, representatives or business owners. With MLM, Network Marketing and all the issues that come along with business building such as list building, sales, marketing, recruiting and the likes most people lose momentum before they really get started. More and more money going in and not enough coming out can be a real bummer.

This is why Plan4Power and the E-book "The Internet Primer" were born, to change the way businesses are built along with paving the way for setting leading industry standards. Whether interested individuals have a business or not it can be easily added to their current mix. A real solution to the age old problem of running a business all with NO hype, NO selling, NO telling, and NO more out-of-pocket expenses. Sound impossible? Well, maybe not. Plan4Power is a marketing group, not a company and does not directly represent any outside company, product or service. Plan4Power represents and is loyal to its group members and its only product, which is the E-book "The Internet Primer". This E-book is said to be the Gateway not only to lay the foundation of earning a six-figure income through multiple streams and leveraging but also provides a wealth of knowledge. Along with the E-book comes many perks, and personal invitation to join the Plan4Power Marketing Group that will fully support and show its members how to achieve this all with no additional expenses and no risk.

Co-Founder of Plan4Power, Bruce Grone raves the E-book and stated The Plan4Power Group is the Mobile, Agile, Group with an Attitude.

The E-book is only $25 and now available at

So, basically it is up to "The Public" to decide. Could this be the best thing ever heard of in the marketing today? Is this the only book on the planet available to buy that not only lays a foundation, but also affords the opportunity to do so without having to invest one more penny? Hey, if it is everyone should know about it.

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