Self-Published Book Author Shows How the Middle Class Can Cope with the Global Crisis

A self-published author illustrates how the American middle class, the sector paying the biggest share of taxes, can cope with the global crisis in Socioeconomic of the Middle Class, published by Xlibris.

Philadelphia, PA, February 12, 2009 --( Dr. Leonid M. Polyakov illustrates how the US middle class can cope with the global economic crisis in his self-published book ‘Socioeconomic of the Middle Class: How to Balance the Socioeconomic System’.

The book author describes the middle class as the biggest sector of an American society composed of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, health care workers and others.

Those who pay the biggest share of federal, local, and other taxes compose the middle class sector. This group plays an active role in propelling the American economy.

“Crisis hurts them stronger than other social groups by unemployment, losing health care, shrinking retirement benefits and so on. How to make their life more comfortable? How to protect them from last and future crises? Who is to blame for and what to do? This book tries to answer some of these questions,” the book author says.

Dr. Leonid M. Polyakov earned a doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering and Theory of Control Systems from Moscow Machine Tool Institute. He is currently a member of the Computer Science and Math department faculty at Globe Institute of Technology in New York.

The author was also the principle designer of Intelligent Control system of a machine-tool manufacturing company in Odessa, Ukraine. He was teaching Cybernetic and Intelligent Control systems at Odessa Polytechnic Institute and has intensive working experience with different American engineering companies.

Polyakov has written over 100 books and articles. His self-published book Socioeconomic of the Middle Class: How to Balance the Socioeconomic System is published by Xlibris.

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