The Best Business Ideas on Achieving Striking Design, Without the Steep Costs

Creating great design for your marketing materials is not only difficult but it can be costly. In a new business TV show, experts share their best business ideas and financial strategies on how to achieve top quality design without the hefty fees

Bristol, United Kingdom, February 13, 2009 --( Design and marketing are important factors to all businesses. Top quality design and clever strategic marketing attract customers and boost sales. However, high-end design work can cost the earth, so is not always suitable for smaller budgets or one-man businesses.

In a new series produced by online business TV network yourBusinessChannel, Vice President of Marketing for iStockphoto Kelly Thompson reveals his best business ideas on how to achieve top design and marketing for your business.

Thompson says a great financial strategy to get the most out of your marketing budget, is to use online photo libraries which sell the rights to great images at cheap prices.

He goes on to say that the best business idea ( he can share is that to achieve great design, form must follow function. What Thompson means is that your website, brochure, or whatever you are designing must first be functional and only then should you dress it up using flash design tools and great images.

Thompson says businesses need to have the best business ideas at hand to make their designs amazing. Your marketing is your outwards appearance to the world. Even if you have a brilliant company it will not be recognised until you also have the best business ideas on marketing and design to work with.

For this reason it is important that businesses have financial strategies which allow them to get a great return on their dollar for marketing. Even when businesses have small marketing budgets, with a great financial strategy they can stretch this budget to achieve more.

For more of Thompson’s best business ideas on marketing and design (, and for more on financial strategies that will help you get the most from your budget, watch his latest show on yourBusinessChannel.

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