Finvest Will Create 50,000 New Jobs in 2009

Zurich, Switzerland, February 13, 2009 --( New capital allocations which Finvest Asset Management will be imminently pursuing, will result in about 50,000 jobs. The beneficiaries will be companies which require capital for expansion or for new initiatives, and firms which will be looking to improve their balance sheets. This is in accordance with studies conducted by the Alliance for America Manufacturing (AAM) coordinated with James Heintz, Robert Pollin, and Heidi Garrett-Peltier of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst's Political Economy Research Institute (PERI). Empirical evidence indicated that about 18,000 jobs will be created for every $1 billion in spending.

Given the new $2.5 billion equity mandate which Finvest has recently won, capital allocations to a market which is in search of much needed capital comes as a welcome to the industry. There are no limitations as to which sectors of the industry could potentially be enhanced. Clearly, those geographical locations in which companies who are recipients to the capital infusions, are situated, will benefit. Finvest Asset Management is currently in the process of conducting due diligence on several potential targets. Although Finvest does not have any agenda to play an active in management, they will be active in their capacity as "observers".

Finvest is currently fully capitalized, a position which has existed within the firm for the several months, and is not be looking to raise any further assets, or accept further capital for its initiatives and funds.

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Finvest Asset Management
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