Rock Band Simples Mortales Navigates the Internet/Spanish Rock

San Juan, PR, February 13, 2009 --( At, fans of ‘rock en español’ (Spanish rock) can enjoy the music of Puerto Rican band Simples Mortales. Five professional men created this band, after deciding to renew their youth dreams and become rockers. “We are breaking the mold; freeing our passion; and inviting others to do the same,” says Guillermo, composer and guitarist.

The website features short clips from several songs so visitors can appreciate the band’s style. There is an eco of Journey, Boston and Kansas in their music. Simples Mortales offers a fresh take on classic rock, with an original, contemporary sound.

The single ‘Los sueños quedan’, captures their identity. “It reflects our philosophy: live freely, do what you love; and don’t forget that the memories you create today will linger in the future”, says Koldo, the singer. ‘Los sueños quedan’ is available for download from the website and also through iTunes, Amazon and other virtual music stores.

Simples Mortales also launched a Facebook page, where they share with their fans the adventure of doing rock en español and making their dream come true.

These are the Simples Mortales:

Luis Koldo – lead singer, keys, composer. He lived in Mexico for a while, working on his career as a soloist, but favored the band spirit.
Guillermo (Guille) Mojica – guitar, chorus, composer. Born to be a musician, works as a lawyer out of necessity.
Antonio Ramírez – guitar, keys. He plays several instruments, including viola, and bass. He has been studying music since childhood.
Javier Pabón – bass, chorus. Studied music at college. Simples Mortales is his chance to dedicate himself to music full-time.
Antonio (Até) Sifre - drums. An executive during the day, drummer during the night. Learned to play the drums by imitating the drummers from Kiss, Boston, Aerosmith, The Police, U2, Kansas, Rush and Iron Maiden.

Simples Mortales
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