Popular Bluetooth Gadget to Support Google Apps

HeadsetPresenter the unique remote control for Bluetooth headsets announces extended support for all presentation software on the market.

Barcelona, Spain, February 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Making the life easier for everyone ever giving a presentation, HeadsetPresenter extends the support from PowerPoint only, to including all presentation software available, including Google Presentations and Open Office Impress.

With HeadsetPresenter any Bluetooth headset can do double duty as the smallest presentation remote on the market.

"I was really impressed by the possibility to reuse my headset as a Bluetooth remote control", says Tomas Bennich project manager at Mobile Sweden, a frequent lecturer and business traveller attenting the HeadsetPresenter event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Johan Lantz representing HeadsetPresenter in Barcelona states: "HeadsetPresenter is smaller, cheaper and much more flexible then other devices on the market. The minimal form factor of a Bluetooth headset combined with the fact that HeadsetPresenter eliminates the need for carrying extra gadgets around, makes it a winner in the new world of netbooks and other minimal devices. You do not want a traditional presentation remote almost the size of your new netbook when travelling, HeadsetPresenter solves that for you!".

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Johan Lantz