The Best A3 Colour Printers Review

For an individual or a business, regardless of size, the correct choice of printer is essential to ensure the smooth operation of a business. For too long, consumers have been subjected to clever sales patter designed to confuse one into the position of trusting empirically in the advice offered at the point of sale. It does not have to be this way and a new website was designed to ease the process of printer selection.

London, United Kingdom, February 13, 2009 --( The Best A3 Colour Printers Reviewed.

Today Redz Ventures launches a new website to assist with the decision making process when considering A3 colour printers to be purchased. As printers and photocopiers become more and more advanced it becomes a lot harder to decide on which printer to buy with what features. Is colour really a need? If so, laser or inkjet? Is speed important and how can it be confirmed that a product does what it says on the box? Does the company need a mono laser printer, a colour laser printer, or A3 colour printers? All of these questions can leave potential customers exhausted not to mention fair game for prowling sales personnel trying to achieve high monthly bonuses by selling an eighteen foot commercial reprographics printer, when all that is wanted is to print a couple of letters and maybe a CV.

At the local office equipment retailer a customer asks of the assistant advice on this matter but quite often, the said member of staff doesn't know a printer from a mincer. The more knowledgeable members of staff are most likely to be located on a bench behind that glass barrier at the back of the store. However, approachablility is no more the forte of said personnel than the floor assistant, appearing to spend most of the day working out the best way to avoid customers. Well, if a company or individual is in the market for a printer and fed up with the amazing marketing claims that makes every printer sound the best, all of this has changed with a new website featuring the latest printer reviews from a critical angle.

Printers will be tested rigorously with all of the shortcomings that are most annoying clearly pointed out when noticed. Printers made by leading manufacturers in the industry are graded according to ease of use, performance and overall cost.

A printer and photocopier engineer of over 23 years reports on the faults found and potential faults to contribute to the making of an informed decision. There is even a tech help section to help current printer and photocopier owners prevent breakdowns and keep the technician at bay for as long as possible. Not that customers have anything against technicians.

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