Ditto Hangers: Combining Innovation and Eco-Fashion

Ditto Hangers are designed for retail clothing companies, non-toxic dry cleaners, green hospitality and are 100% recyclable in all recycling programs. Their designs stylishly close the loop on a traditionally difficult to recycle product, keeping billions of plastic and wire hangers out of municipal landfills.

Oakland, CA, February 19, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Everyone seems to be “going green” these days. But no one seems to be narrowing down exactly what that means and what it involves. It’s become a buzz phrase representing an overwhelming amount of concepts, ideas, products, and movements with no clear end in sight. There are a few companies, however, that get it. They understand that “going green” is a commitment to making a fundamental change in the way we interact with the world so that we can create a sustainable future for all forms of life. And how exactly is this done? That's right, through innovation.

One of these enlightened companies is Ditto Hangers, based out of Oakland, California. They get it. They understand that products must adhere and adapt the world around them. And just as important, they understand that this is a reality that should be embraced rather then simply accepted. For Ditto Hangers, it is not just about creating 100% recyclable hangers. It is about refocusing the way we think about and use materials. It is about being a part of a movement. It is about instilling sustainable values in our communities, our company, and ourselves. And this is all accomplished through innovation. And in their case, their innovation permeates throughout their employees and products. One doesn’t need to look much further then their stylish hangers to see that they are not only promoting environmental sustainability, but they are becoming a part of it.

It does not take much to show how traditional polystyrene and wire hangers are detrimental to the environment. But it takes just as little amount of energy to show why they are an inferior retail product: they are cheaply made, break regularly, bland, and customers don’t want to take them home. Ditto Hangers overcame the first issue by creating non toxic, 100% recyclable hangers. But they showed true product innovation by adding value to the hangers on many different levels. They are more than just hangers; they are marketing pieces that convey a powerful message to consumers. And when a company can create a product that has intrinsic value while showing its core vision to the world, that is innovation at its finest.

GreenHeart Global
Amit Patel