Moving Bed Biological Reactor Wastewater Treatment System Showcased by Bord Na Móna

PuraMAX® System offers an economical treatment solution suitable for secondary treatment, nitrification, denitrification and high strength applications and features use of recycled plastic media.

Greensboro, NC, February 15, 2009 --( Underscoring its commitment to provide solutions that meet the needs of municipal, decentralized, and on-site community and commercial wastewater treatment applications, Bord na Móna Environmental Products U.S. Inc. is highlighting its PuraMAX® Moving-Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) System at the WEFTEC 2008 Show in Chicago, Illinois.

Designed to achieve a high quality effluent within a small overall footprint, the PuraMAX System is an attached growth activated sludge process. Following a septic/primary tank, the aeration stage consists of recycled plastic media that provide an extended surface contact area for bacteria to attach. An aeration grid located at the bottom of the reactor supplies oxygen to the biofilm, along with the mixing energy required to keep the plastic bio-carriers suspended and fully mixed ensuring good contact between the bacteria and wastewater. The biosolids are naturally sloughed off the media, which along with the treated wastewater flows by gravity to a clarifier for the separation of solids. Excess solids can be either returned to the septic tank or pumped to a sludge holding tank. Total nitrogen reduction can be achieved with recirculation or with a post-anoxic stage with carbon addition.

“The PuraMAX System is engineered specifically for municipal, decentralized or on-site community and commercial wastewater treatment applications, where cost effective, simple, reliable operation and maintenance are required,” said Shane Keaney, President of Bord na Móna Environmental Products U.S. Inc. “It is a fully engineered, robust and stable wastewater treatment solution that is effective under shock loading, under-loading, and intermittent flow. It is an ideal solution for high strength wastewater applications such as schools and restaurants.”

According to Keaney, the PuraMAX System is a proven process with many references and years of successful operation.

High Performance In Custom or Pre-Engineered Package Systems:
The high removal efficiency of the PuraMAX system results in excellent final effluent quality. Phosphorus and nitrogen reduction can be incorporated into the basic design. Total Nitrogen levels of < 10 mg/l can be obtained with recirculation for residential strength wastewater, and up to 7.5mg/l with post-anoxic treatment even at high influent nitrogen levels. The PuraMAX can also be provided as a pretreatment stage for high strength wastes or can be adapted as a post anoxic tank for denitrification.

The PuraMAX process is based on the use of specially designed plastic media that act as biomass carriers providing a very large surface area for the bacteria to attach. This large surface area allows the PuraMAX to be designed in a very small footprint compared to traditional activated sludge processes saving capital costs and saving operating costs through a lower process air requirement. The bacteria collect in a thin biofilm on the surface of the plastic media. Microorganisms in a biofilm are more resilient to process disturbances and situations of intermittent flow making the PuraMAX particularly suitable for community and commercial projects and for high strength applications. The PuraMAX process does not require return activated sludge streams reducing the complexity of the plant and operation & maintenance costs. The PuraMAX can also be used for retrofit of existing suspended growth activated sludge systems in an IFAS arrangement.

PuraMAX is available as a fully integrated system complete with septic/primary tank and clarifier stages in a single reactor. It’s also available in a range of modular sizes in precast concrete, fiberglass, or steel tanks, capable of treating flows from 1,000 to over 100,000 gpd. Systems can be located above ground or in-ground. A range of screening and pumping packages can be specified depending upon individual influent strength and permit requirements. The Pura-Dn denitrification system can be added as a post-anoxic stage for total nitrogen reduction.

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