New Purasaf® Provides a Cost Effective Low Energy Pre-Engineered Wastewater Treatment Solution for Secondary & Tertiary Applications

Static bed, attached growth submerged aerated filter system incorporates recycled plastic media that can be operated in aerobic, anoxic, or filtration modes for BOD, Ammonia, Total Nitrogen and TSS reduction.

Greensboro, NC, February 15, 2009 --( Bord na Móna Environmental Products U.S. Inc. today announced the market introduction of its new PuraSAF® Submerged Aerated Filter wastewater treatment solution at the WEFTEC 2008 Show in Chicago, Illinois.

According to Shane Keaney, President of Bord na Móna Environmental Products U.S. Inc., PuraSAF provides a cost effective, low energy, pre-engineered wastewater treatment solution that is simple to operate and maintain. The filter media are produced from recycled plastic that provide an ideal medium for biological attached growth. The filter normally operates in an upflow packed bed configuration that is readily fluidized for cleaning and desludging. In aerobic mode, PuraSAF offers a small footprint, low headloss solution for BOD, and Nitrification. The PuraSAF can also be used in an unaerated mode as an anoxic stage for denitrification or as a low-cost tertiary filter approaching sand filter quality.

“PuraSAF is available as mobile rental or lease units. It can be installed as a pre-engineered package system that provides effluent to secondary treatment standards, for tertiary treatment reducing ammonia on existing works or lagoon effluent, as a temporary measure while an existing asset is being refurbished or replaced; it can be used as an emergency treatment stage to provide treatment on a failing works; it can be brought on site to handle seasonal peak loads and in an unaerated mode it is a low cost solids tertiary filter or can be used for denitrification,” Keaney said today. “It is designed to perform as a highly flexible solution in three different aerobic, anoxic, or filtration modes.”

The PuraSAF tank is equipped with a rugged, coarse-bubble aeration system that utilizes the media to provide superior oxygen transfer rates, more efficient than fine bubble systems. This allows the PuraSAF to have a much smaller footprint and better oxygen transfer efficiency than traditional activated-sludge processes, saving capital and operating costs through lower process air requirements.

Specially designed, recycled plastic media act as biomass carriers and provide a large surface area for bacteria to attach. The filter media require periodic, typically daily cleaning to remove excess biomass and accumulated solids. Cleaning is achieved by increasing the air rate into the reactor using the scour grid, which results in a “fluidization” and scouring of the media bed. Agitation dislodges unwanted particulate matter without unduly disturbing the active biomass. Once the scour is switched off, the filter bed will reform and biological treatment recommences immediately. Excess solids in the form of sludge are drained from the base of the tank via an actuated desludge valve. The cleaning process is fully automated via the control panel and blower skid configuration. The process and scour air grids require virtually no maintenance.

The PuraSAF effluent can readily meet performance levels of up to: BOD 25mg/l, SS 35 mg/l for secondary treatment applications. In tertiary mode the PuraSAF can achieve discharge permit levels of <5 mg/l BOD & <1 mg/l NH3N. The attached growth process provides stable operation where more conventional treatments may be subject to influent and operational stresses.

A PuraSAF package plant is comprised of a tank, media, blowers and control panel. Two standard package designs are available, M6 and M10, for hydraulic flows up to 158 gpm and 235 gpm respectively. PuraSAF is also available as a complete system with clarifier. Simple to install, PuraSAF requires minimal on-site connections. What’s more, blowers and the control panel are mounted on a portable, pre-wired skid. Designed to be mobile, the system can be moved between sites.

Customers interested in learning more about the new PuraSAF system should visit, call 1-800-787-2356, or email

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