Virtual Luncheon for Political Candidates Launched in Las Vegas

Using the massive communication power of the Internet, the Las Vegas Internet Chamber of Commerce (LVICC) is leading the nation by presenting the first "Virtual Luncheon" for all candidates to provide information, website links, and interviews to citizens 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Las Vegas, NV, July 03, 2006 --( The Las Vegas Internet Chamber of Commerce ( launched the nation's first "Virtual Luncheon" for the candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. Congressional offices in this year's elections. Candidates for these offices are invited to provide an online audio interview about their campaigns. All candidates for other Statewide and Clark county-wide offices were invited to provide a short position statement with links to their websites creating the most comprehensive information source available for citizens of Clark County and all of Nevada.

Business and social organizations, as well as Chambers of Commerce, have classically held luncheons or dinner functions; inviting candidates to present or participate in a semi-public forum to meet and greet potential voters and present their platforms. Many times, only major candidates are invited and the events are open to members only. This procedure has always presented the best "free" opportunity for candidates to make their case up until now.

The LVICC does not endorse or recommend any candidate and strives to provide information on all candidates. Charlie Bass, the founder of the LVICC, says, "Citizens of Clark County are capable of making informed decisions when they have a convenient place to gather information on their choices. The goal of the LVICC is to provide as much independent information about the events and issues in the Las Vegas valley."

The Las Vegas Internet Chamber of Commerce holds monthly events since 2003 and ranks 4th in Chamber of Commerce membership (with over 1,000) as listed in The List from the Business Press. 

The listing and candidate links are available free of charge to the public at the LVICC website (

Charlie Bass