Writers Welcome Friday, February the Thirteenth with a Gift of Poetry

Nashville, TN, February 17, 2009 --(PR.com)-- On Friday, the thirteenth of February, Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services published a special issue of poetry as a token of the company’s appreciation for those in their writing and publishing network.

Superstition and old wives’ tales have traditionally made Friday the thirteenth an ominous day in the minds of many people. Not so, when it comes to business owner Yvonne Perry, who is the founder of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services. She compiled and published an e-book filled with poems written by those in her social network. Friends on Twitter, Facebook, Ning, and other social networking sites as well as the readers of her free monthly newsletter received an email on Friday with a link to download a very nice e-book that they are free to share with others.

The superstition about Friday the thirteenth is more widespread in the United States than in other countries. Having its roots in Christianity, many religious folks believe bad things happen more often on Friday and that the number 13 is an unlucky number any day. Combine the two, and you have a date in which millions of superstitious individuals will not leave home, shop, work, host a party, apply for a job, get married, or set a wedding date. Others will refuse to drive, fly in an airplane, conduct business, or start a new project. Some won't even eat in restaurants.

“I’ve never been leery of this day,” says Perry. “I believe it is a day like any other, but since people have some trepidation regarding Friday the thirteenth, I decided to play it up and make it a fun day. It’s the day before Valentine’s--the day of love--so poetry seemed an appropriate choice as a gift to offer writers and readers.”

Whether religion based or a figment of human beings' collective imaginations, Friday the thirteenth need not be a fearful day if you are in Writers in the Sky’s network. Even if you break a mirror, spill the salt, see a black cat, walk under a ladder, or stay at home with doors locked and your fingers crossed, you may find that reading poetry is an uplifting activity any day of the week.

You may download the chapbook as a PDF from WITS Web site at http://writersinthesky.com/WITSChapbook09.html

Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services
Yvonne Perry