A Very Large Complex Gate

Leda’s engineering and production staff at Tuggerah are currently involved in designing and manufacturing what is possibly the largest and gate ever installed in Australia.

Sydney, Australia, February 18, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Destined for the “Pluto LNG Project” on the Burrup Peninsula in northern Western Australia the high security gate is being manufactured for Woodside Burrup Pty Ltd. With a clear opening of 34.5 metres and 2.4 metres high it utilises both bi-parting and bi-sliding mechanisms to achieve the large opening. The entire gate operates on AS41 railway train line due to it’s immense size and weight.

Manufactured with four gate leaves the complex design has carriage connections between the leaves mounted on large slide bearings, allowing each leaf to follow slight variations in the track independently, whilst maintaining the strength to meet potential cyclonic winds that the site could experience.

Sophisticated Microwave beams have been implemented for safety, tackling the distance and the weather extremes they will encounter. All the electrics are contained in stainless steel enclosures. Fabrication of the gate is managed under a rigorous Quality Assurance scheme to maintain the highest professional standards of engineering and production; documenting all inspections and welding throughout the project.

On completion the gate will be assembled and tested at their Tuggerah plant before transporting it to site for installation.

Leda Vannaclip
Richard Matthews
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