BalaBit's syslog-ng Open Source Edition 3.0 Brings Native TLS Encryption and SQL Support

The main features of the new release include native TLS and SQL support, support for the new syslog protocol and message-format standard developed by IETF, and the ability to segment and rewrite log messages.

Budapest, Hungary, February 18, 2009 --( Version 3.0 of syslog-ng Open Source Edition has been released.

After the release of its commercial version last fall, syslog-ng Open Source Edition 3.0 is finally available.

The syslog-ng Open Source Edition application is a mature, stable system logging application that has become the most common alternative logging server of the Linux/Unix world. The syslog-ng application, which is developed by BalaBit IT Security, is the default logging solution of the SUSE distributions, and is estimated to be used by tens of thousands of organizations on hundreds of thousands of computers.

Version 3.0 contains several new features that strengthen the range of syslog-ng's functionalities. Among this is the support for the new syslog standard protocol and message format developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The application is most suitable for filtering and segmenting the incoming log messages based on their parameters and content. The new version can even separate the content of the messages to name-value pairs, and use these as macros, making it easy to process structured messages. It is also possible to rewrite and modify the messages when needed.

The syslog-ng application can directly send the log messages to SQL databases and log analyzing applications. Currently the MySQL, Microsoft SQL (MSSQL), Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases are supported.

The syslog-ng application is the ideal choice to collect logs in environments that use several different operating systems and hardware platforms, including Linux, Unix, BSD, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX. The syslog-ng application is optimized for performance, and can handle enormous amount of messages. It can process up to 75,000 messages per second real-time, that is, over 24 GB raw logs per hour on entry-level server hardware.

The application can operate in server and client mode as well, and - apart from UDP - natively supports the reliable TCP and the encrypted TLS protocols.

The free syslog-ng Open Source Edition has extraordinary capabilities, surpassed only by the commercial syslog-ng Premium Edition that features of buffering the messages on the hard disk, storing messages in encrypted log files, reading messages from arbitrary files, and support for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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