Scottsdale Boot Camp Personal Trainer Releases President’s Day Time-Saving Workout

This Scottsdale boot camp personal trainer creates a customized interval based President’s Day Time-Saving Workout that can be done in the comfort of the White House living room to help keep the Barack Obama, busiest man in the world, in the best shape of his life.

Scottsdale, AZ, February 18, 2009 --( It’s going to happen. There will be days when President Obama will be too busy to squeeze in his usual 60 minute workouts. After all, since the first 100 days seem to set the tone of each presidency, Obama will need to make the most of every minute.

To be the most efficient, Scottsdale personal trainer Curtis Hoekstra offers several ways for Obama to cut his workouts by more than half, yet still yielding the benefits of longer workouts. “Even the most hectic schedule will allow for at least 5 to 20 minutes of continuous exercise,” says Hoekstra. “You’ll be able to use these efficient body weight and dumbbell exercises and squeeze in a workout whether you have a home office or an Oval Office.”

President’s Day Workout- Obama Style

- Perform all strength workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
- Perform all cardio workouts on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays
- Play some hoops anytime you can get

If Obama has 20 minutes to workout:

Strength Workout- Continuous Work: Perform two different 10-minute work zones. For work zone one, perform max rounds of 10 reps of an upper body pushing exercise (push-ups, dips, presses, etc.) and 20 reps of a double-leg lower body exercise (squats, deadlifts, hip extensions, etc.) for time. For work zone two, perform max rounds of 10 reps of an upper body pulling exercise (pull-ups, rows, curls, etc.) and 10 reps/leg of a single-leg lower body exercise (lunges, step-ups, single-leg hip extensions, etc.) for time.

Cardio Workout- Tabata Intervals: Select one body weight cardio exercise (stationary running, jumping jacks, jumping rope, squat thrusts, alternating split jumps, ice skater jumps, etc.) or one total body exercise (squat to presses, deadlift + curls, lunge + curl to press, swings, etc.) and perform 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for four straight minutes, followed by a one-minute rest. Repeat this five-minute sequence three more times with the same exercise or with the exercise(s) of your choice.

For a shorter 10-minute fat burner workout: Cut each workout in half

For a quickie 5-minute booster workout: Cut each workout in quarters

Hoekstra concludes, “Whether you have a hectic schedule as a busy parent, CEO, or even as the President of the United States, you’ll find this time-friendly and effective fitness plan actually works with, not against, your on-the-go schedule. So if the new President can still find time to stay in shape, I know you can do it too.”


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