Board Games for the Community

Vancouver, Canada, February 17, 2009 --( Starlit Citadel; a board games store in Vancouver, Canada; has launched its Board Games for the Community program after the successful Games Night at Lumby, BC held by the JW Inglis Parents Advisory Committee. The program provides an exciting new way for libraries, schools and parent advisory committees to introduce board games to their local community and potentially raise additional funds for programs and services.

"Board games emphasize social interaction, analytical ability and mathematical skills in a fun environment that encourages learning;" said Tao Wong, CEO of Starlit Citadel. “Over the years, board games have continued to develop in sophistication, originality and playability and have come to be awarded prizes from organizations like Mensa and GAMES Magazine.”

"Our Board Games for the Community program aims to bring these games to the wider community. After the successful Game Night event at the JW Inglis Elementary School, we realised that this was a great way for schools, Parent Advisory Committees (PAC) and other community organisations to raise funds during this troubled economic times."

In the Board Games for the Community program, Starlit Citadel will significantly discount all games purchased by a registered school, PAC or community institution looking to use the games as an educational tool, fundraising venture or other community outreach programs.

Additional details about the Fundraising through Board Games initiative ( may be found on Starlit Citadel's website .

Starlit Citadel is a board games and role-playing games store based in Vancouver, BC. It was incorporated in 2007 and provides over 900 board games across Canada. The Board Games for the Community program is its first initiative focusing on the development of gaming in the community.


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