Baxa Corporation Honored With Two American Inhouse Design Awards In The National 2005 Competition Sponsored By Graphic Design USA

Englewood, CO, May 07, 2005 --( The Graphic Design team at Baxa Corporation was awarded two 2005 American Inhouse Design Awards from Graphic Design USA – a national magazine for design professionals – for their humorous and creative work on a three-part direct mail campaign for the company’s Rapid-Fill™ Automated Syringe Filler (ASF). The team also won an award for Baxa Corporation’s 30th Anniversary product catalog, which featured extensive reference materials and special direct mail offers. The annual awards recognize the outstanding work of in-house designers.

The direct mail campaign, entitled “Missing Essentials,” featured three separate postcards, each with something missing – a coffee machine with no coffee pot; an empty toilet paper roll and a pharmacy laminar airflow hood without the Rapid-Fill ASF. The final mailer included magnets of the previous missing essentials, so that they could be added back to “complete” the pharmacy, the message indicating that no pharmacy can be without these critical items. The direct mail pieces were mailed to more than 9,000 pharmacists in hospitals across the United States.

“The team has such creative energy and intuitive understanding of what Baxa is and what we stand for as a company”, notes Greg Baldwin, Company Chairman and CEO. “I did not need an award to know this, but it’s a good time to recognize them for conveying to the world our special strengths and customer commitment.”

Graphic Design USA, published for 40 years, is one of the country's leading monthly business-to-business magazines for professional graphic designers and related creative and production professionals. The magazine has been sponsoring design competitions for three decades. This year, nearly 3,000 entries were received for the competition and only the top 15 percent received awards. Further information is available at

In presenting the awards, Graphic Design USA Editor Gordon D. Kaye said, "The competition aims to assure the outstanding work of inhouse designers in the face of special challenges is recognized by colleagues, the creative community, and, importantly, corporate and institutional managements."

Baxa Corporation’s Rapid-Fill ASF, launched in spring 2003, automates the process of sterile syringe filling, capping and labeling in a pharmacy hood. The Rapid-Fill ASF meets a market need for filling 360 million small-volume parenteral doses prepared and administered each year in the US.

About Baxa Corporation
Celebrating 30 years of business in 2005, Baxa Corporation is a Denver-based manufacturer of medical devices and systems for preparing, handling, packaging, and administering liquid medications. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of healthcare products for use in hospitals, critical care units and alternate-site pharmacies. Privately held, Baxa Corporation has subsidiaries and sales offices in Canada, the United Kingdom; Denmark, and Germany; and distribution partners worldwide. Further information is available at



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