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Master Jazz Pianist Eyran Katsenelenbogen Releases 88 Fingers, His 10th Solo CD

Eyran Records announces the release of pianist Eyran Katsenelenbogen’s highly anticipated new solo album, 88 Fingers.

Boston, MA, February 19, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Eyran Records announces the release of pianist Eyran Katsenelenbogen’s highly anticipated new solo album, 88 Fingers (Eyran Records 9008. Street date: April 1, 2009).

With 88 Fingers, Katsenelenbogen continues his journey through the landscapes of the American Songbook, offering new interpretations that range from whisperingly romantic to thunderously rhapsodic and displaying the acclaimed virtuosity recently compared to that of Art Tatum.

Featured on 88 Fingers are jazz classics such as Lover (Rogers & Hart), Mack The Knife and September Song (Weill), Groovin’ High and A Night In Tunisia (Gillespie) and The Summer Knows (Legrand), plus Latin-Jazz and Hip Hop inspired improvisations on two classical themes from Chopin and Mussorgsky. The song Dream A Little Dream, which opened Eyran’s 2002 album It’s Reigning Kats & Dogs & Bogen, is revisited with new musical techniques and sensibilities.

“The defining moment for me, the heartbeat at the core of 88 Fingers, is the transition from the softest pianissimo note that concludes What’ll I Do to the explosive rendition of Those Were The Days” – Eyran

Eyran Katsenelenbogen continues his international touring with The 88 Fingers Jazz Solo Piano 2008-09 World Concert Tour and with his Pictures at an Exhibition: Classical Meets Jazz collaboration with renowned Russian classical pianist Andrei Ivanovitch. Venues included on these tours are Bechstein Centrum (Hamburg), Stephen Joseph Theater (Scarborough, UK), Marcellus Theatre (Rome), The Mirrors Hall (St. Petersburg), Iridium (New York) and Jordan Hall (Boston).

Recent Reviews:

EjazzNews: “Eyran goes through sixteen charts in creative fashion displaying complete command of the instrument playing like there's no tomorrow. An enchanting album that one can listen to all alone and enjoy the energy and the warmth of Eyran Katsenelenbogen's 88 Fingers.” -- Edward Blanco

Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany): “And so the world premiere [Pictures at an Exhibition] begins… Eyran Katsenelenbogen answers each picture with a jazz improvisation to the classic setting of Andrei Ivanovitch: Breathtaking, brilliant and exciting… an absolute sensation in the history of special concert events.” -- Bettina Stenftenagel

All About Jazz: “Based on hearing Eyran Katsenelenbogen's new solo record, I have no choice but to say that Art Tatum's spirit inhabits this phenomenal musician. Solotude displays pianism of the highest order, combined with deep musicianship and extremely fast musical reflexes.” --Budd Kopman

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Track List:

1. Close Enough for Love (Theme for 'Agatha') (Johnny Mandel / Paul Williams) WB Music Corp. obo First Artists Music Co. (4:00)
2. Lover (Richard Rogers / Lorenz Hart) Sony / ATV Harmony (2:16)
3. Mack the Knife (From 'Three Penny Opera) (Kurt Weill / Marc Blitzstein / Bertolt Brecht) Weill-Brecht-Harms Company Inc. (3:06)
4. Groovin' High (John Dizzy Gillespie) Universal-MCA Music Publishing Div. of Universal Music Corp. (2:43)
5. September Song (Maxwell Anderson / Kurt Weill) Hampshire House obo Publishing Corp. / Chappell & Co. (5:14)
6. Improvisation on Promenade Theme from Pictures at an Exhibition (Modest Mussorgsky / Arr. Eyran Katsenelenbogen) Eyran Record Publishing (5:19) (arrangement inspired by and dedicated to Gerhard Hummer)
7. Maura's Tune (Earl Egdall) Eyran Records Publishing (3:45)
8. Improvisation on Waltz No. 7 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 64: # 2 (Frederic Chopin / Arr. Eyran Katsenelenbogen) Eyran Records Publishing (arrangement inspired by Michael Rocha) (4:03)
9. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans (Louis Alter / Eddie Delange) Songwriters Guild of America obo Louis Alter Publications / Bug Music (2:52)
10. What'll I Do (Irving Berlin) Williamson Music Co. – a obo Irving Berlin Music Company (4:08)
11. Those Were the Days (Gene Raskin) Cromwell Music Inc. obo Essex Music Inc. (5:17)
12. Midnight with the Stars and You (Harry Woods / Jimmy Campbell / Reg Connelly) WB Music Corp. (3:31) (to Vince)
13. Dream a Little Dream of Me (Wilbur Schwandt / Gus Kahn / Fabian Andre) Cromwell Music Inc. obo Essex Music Inc. / Essex Music Inc. obo Don Swan Publications / WB Music Corp. obo Gilbert Keyes Music Company (3:00)
14. A Night in Tunisia (John Dizzy Gillespie / Frank Paparelli) Universal-MCA Music Publishing Div. of Universal Music Corp. (2:50)
15. The Summer Knows (From 'Summer of '42') (Michel Legrand / Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman) WB Music Corp. (5:31)
16. Who Knows How Much (Jacob Hollaender / Rimona Di-Nur / Arr. Eyran Katsenelenbogen) Eyran Records Publishing (3:57)

Total Time: 61:33

Production information:

Eyran Katsenelenbogen performs on a Steinway CD-327 Hamburg concert grand piano.

Recorded and mixed by John Weston at Futura Productions, Roslindale, MA. www.futuraproductions.com

Recording dates: July 6&10, 2006 / May 25, 2007 / July 13, 2007
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner, M-Works, Cambridge, MA. www.m-works.com
Artist Photography by Vincere Sylph, Vincere Sylph Productions, Boston, MA.
Graphic Design by Abby Getman. www.gogogetman.com
Replication by Nimbit, Framingham, MA. www.nimbit.com
Produced by Eyran Katsenelenbogen

Barcode: 663330900824
Eyran Records 9008 © 2009 Eyran Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.

Thanks: Anat Avitan (ACUM), Margaret Clark, Earl Egdall, Hilary Field (NEC), Nick Grondin, Jacob Hollaender, Xiaodan Liu, Ellie Malick.

This project was made possible with funding from New England Conservatory.


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