Health Insurance Clients at EasyToInsureMe Save on Average $150 Per Month

Houston, TX, February 19, 2009 --( EasyToInsureMe is proud to announce clients at EasyToInsureMe save on average $150 per month on health insurance premiums when consulted by EasyToInsureMe health insurance consultants. EasyToInsureMe specializes in individual health insurance and offers every health insurance plan available in each state the company is licensed in.

An individual health insurance savings of $150 per month will free up $1,800 per year to use on other expenses that are much needed in today’s economy. With the economy slowing ever faster all citizens of the United States should be comparing new health insurance with the old to see if other health insurance rates are better.

Especially with more jobs being cut, people must go on cobra after leaving or being laid off from a job. Cobra health insurance is very expensive. And it is fact that an individual health insurance plan is 30% less costly then a health insurance plan through a business.

Quoting and Saving on individual health insurance has never been easier.

Chad Levin